As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...



  • xciencexcience Member, Early Access
    There was some enthusiasm raised about possibly creating more detailed tool tips for each character in suggesting traps and items that pair with them well in their description. I always find it enjoyable to see featured characters and having deals associated with them. For instance every week could have a different character featured and a bundle could be offered where you could not only unlock that character but their signature traps, items, skins associated with them. The whole package or part of this package could have a percentage discount for that week and there is also an opportunity for a particular challenge associated with that character. That would make it more desirable to purchase the jcharacter because then you could compete in that week's challenge. If you start running out of characters... Looks like you need to make us some more. If you separate the parts of the entire bundle to purchase for a lesser discount people could purchase that trap or skin and still feel like there's some value.

    The whole idea isn't completely flushed out here but it does package together monetization, user guides, and events nicely
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