Combo Quest (15x)

how to make combo quest Score a 15x????


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    Best way is with a party of 3. You want a minion to be hit by as many different dmg or effect sources as possible before dying.
  • some design for trap
  • Does anyone have any details about how to get set up to achieve this? Ideally in single player, but I have no idea how you would even set it up with more than one person; it seems like it would take some coordination regardless.

    I don't even know where to start with it. Suggested map? Character? Traps/Parts? I have almost everything in terms of traps and parts, I just have no idea how to put it all together.
  • I did my first on a 3 player game, in a random matchmaking, think the map was Orcatraz, did'nt had any coordination, you just need a map where all 3 heroes are goiing to fight at the same place.

    solo it's pretty hard, you got 7 trap + 2 from Hero (some hero can manage a +3 ) + 1 Guardian (+1 again if deckhand) +2 gear + 1 environmental = 15

    you need a pretty perfect setup to get it solo, you're better in a party
  • Hi,

    I would recomment using Stinkeye for this as the slow totem gives one combopoint consistantly and if you set up your other totem you have plenty of time to care about all your gear. 

    Also we got our first x18 Combo on throne room, in a two player party, because these giants can take a few hits before they fall down. trolls also work fine.

    In terms of traps and parts I would make sure you make good use of some longer lasting effects. i.e. fire damage lasts for 4.2 secounds wich than also adds a combo poit to the minion for that long.
  • I got it while playing with friends on Throne room endless. Later waves have plenty of giants that can take a lot of damage.  Gabs kinetic pulse is great for ensuring traps activate when they are in the kill box.
  • Thank you for the suggestions, I'll have to experiment a little more. Although that is encouraging to read that it's doable in a 2 person party, as it seems incredibly difficult to do solo. 

    If I manage to get it I'll report back with what worked.
  • Well, tried it with a friend over the weekend (he doesn't really play, so he was at like account level 3), and couldn't get it to work. We got a combo of 10, but admittedly we didn't make much of an attempt at it.

    I'm sure it's fairly doable with 2 people, but I think I'm still struggling to find how to set it up correctly. 

    If anyone out there would like to try it with me (or just help me out, that would be great too), I'm playing on the PS4. PSN ID is Whirled03, but you'll need to send me a friend request because of my privacy settings. A message with the friend request would be helpful, since I get random blank friend requests at times that I usually end up deleting.
  • Finally got it. If someone knows how (or if) I can post a screenshot to my post, let me know and I'll try to put it in here. I'll try my best to describe how I got it with 1 other person. This is on the PS4 so I don't really know if anything on the PC version differs.

    We did it on the Endless version of The Baths. The basic idea is to create a killbox within that small rectangular area in the middle of the map, right before the map splits into 2 lanes (where you can put a ceiling, floor, and wall trap all at once). 

    We went in with 4 of each type of trap - 4 floor traps, 4 wall traps, and 4 ceiling traps. For the ceiling traps, you can't really use the larger ones like Swinging Mace. Here's a list of what we brought in:

    Floor - Tar, Floor Spikes, Ice Shard (this had the Combo Generator part), Viscous Tar, Fire Scorcher (so it's actually 5 floor traps).
    Wall - Arrow Wall, Web Spinner, Wall Blades, Grinder.
    Ceiling - Concussive Pounder, Lightning Rod, Shock Zapper, Pounder.
    Barricade - Great Wall Barricade.

    So that list is a total of 14 traps, which is the maximum amount for 2 people.

    How we set it up:

    We placed the Great Wall Barricade within the box, forcing all the minions to enter at the same spot. Placing another Barricade at the exit, but outside of the killbox, which forces the minions to take a "L" shaped path. It kind of looks like this:

     BB    F

    W = Wall, B = Barricade, X = trap, F = my placement of Fire Scorcher.

    So where "X" is, a potential Floor and Ceiling trap can go. For the walls, you want to place the Arrow Wall right behind the first barricade (as it can pierce through it), and the Grinder at the wall where they first enter the box. We had Wall Blades next to the Grinder, and then the Web Spinner on the opposite side, next to the Arrow Wall.

    The Floor/Ceiling ones can go in whichever order you want, just as long as you have a different trap in every spot along the path. So when we did it, I had 4 Ice Shards where the minions first enter (that first "X"), with a Concussive Pounder on the ceiling directly above it, since I had Combo Generator on my Ice Shard. It was then followed by Tar (Lightning Rod above), Floor Spikes (Pounder above), and Viscous Tar (Shock Zapper above). 

    The Fire Scorcher should go outside of the killbox somewhere, because it will activate through any Barricades.

    As for characters, I was playing as Stinkeye and had my slow totem at the point where they first entered the killbox. The guy with me was playing as Gabriella, and I think Berninhell was right - Gabriella's Kinetic Pulse may be key to making this work.

    Whoever is playing as Gabriella should position themselves in a way that will allow Kinetic Pulse to reset as many traps as possible. When we got our combo (it was 16), I'm pretty sure it was at the exact moment that he used Kinetic Pulse, allowing most of the traps to fire all at once.

    That said, since we were doing the Baths, and we were both high account levels, we had to get to a decent wave for something to survive this set-up. It didn't take too long (I think it was wave 18 or so), but that also means you should spend all the extra coin trying to protect your rift, so you should just play normally until you feel like the enemies are strong enough to survive everything. I'm pretty sure we got it on one of the Armored Ogres (big guys with armor), but it was hard to tell.

    When we got it, truthfully, I wasn't even paying attention to it. I'm pretty sure I did not use my Fire Wall Bracers or my Ring of Storms that I brought along.

    As a final note, be aware that the window to do a sequence of Combos seems to be fairly short. I think it only lasts a few seconds, which means that you need to try to get a minion to go through all of those traps within a few seconds (hence why Kinetic Pulse is important).

    I'm going to try to recreate it to see if I can get it to work again, and hopefully get a good recording of it. If I can, I'll post it.
  • Wow, grats.  And thanks for the tips.
  • Okay the video is finally up. I was helping someone else get it and we were using a slightly different set-up than the one I posted, but I still got a recording of us getting a 15 combo. 

    Check out the description of the video for some more details about it.

  • hi guys need some help in orcs must die 15x combo 
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