Unnecessary confusions

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Let's leave out the text/description confusions out of this, maybe for a future thread since there are many of those.

There is currently a few things that bother me a lot in-game. There are sounds and models in-game that are used for different things and are annoying to me. Also there are probably more for other people, so I decided to make this post to try to gather unnecessary confusing features the game currently has. 

First one is the new sound for TNT archers. It's great having sound to know that they are spawning but the sound is exactly the same when they shoot near them to the ground/wall. That is very annoying to me because I keep turning around thinking I have a TNT archer nearby that just shot to some surface near me. 
Specially because the sound sometimes plays before they even appear in the minimap. Anyhow, this can be real confusing on a CT or Sabotage with multiple spawns of these archers.

Another one that isn't that big of a deal but still confusing is the new Grenadier modifier of CT. The "grenade" dropped by minions when they die is exactly the same as Deadeye Secondary ability. That can be pretty confusing when having a Deadeye in your team, specially because the Grenades from the modifier sometimes don't even have the visual (red) area indicating their radius.

Another big confusion atleast for me is the sound when you reach sudden death in Sabotage, it's exactly the same sound of when a minion scores in the mode, which has made me and my teammates react incorrectly to it several times. (I haven't played Sabotage this patch but I think it hasn't changed).

If you have any other confusing things, feel free to add them.


  • Also when the Dwarf Shamans shield a minion they use the same line as the Dwarf Priest "Shield the weak" now and i was confused a few times if he was stealth and i missed him
  • Great thread! Please let us know if there are more sounds that are causing confusion like this.
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  • Those blinking numbers of rift points going from 1 to 25 in the beginning of match always make me jump. My mind is trained, that if that thing blinks - I f***** up somehow. 
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    Those blinking numbers of rift points going from 1 to 25 in the beginning of match always make me jump. My mind is trained, that if that thing blinks - I f***** up somehow. 
    I was a bit confused the first time too about this. I see it like a vanity thing, not necessary but it doesn't really interrupt or disrupts the game for me atleast.

    I have to say something about that feature though, it's buggy. In Sabotage you can see each team counter going up but some times they aren't sync. Also many times the rift point counter doesn't start at the same time for everyone or when you can see the game it is already counting instead of starting from 0. I'm not talking about connecting late when the match started.
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    Another confusion:
    Sabotage queue tells me that the queue time will be 4:30 but it takes nearly 15-20min just to match me vs beginner and i win after 2-3 waves

    The queue times finally reaches the Siege times so when will you remove sabotage?
  • Come now, you cannot expect the devs to have the magic ability to always know exactly when you will and wont enter a match! Its not their fault

    Also if sabotage gets removed I feel I will combust on the spot.
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