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Hi everybody! Are you looking for more players to join your guild? If so, this is the place to introduce yourself! Tell people about the things your guild enjoys doing, what you are looking for in guild mates and anything else you want to get off your chest! If you are unsure what to tell people, use this handy template:

  • Guild Name:
  • Contact(s): (Leader, Officers, etc.)
  • Timezone(s): (Not sure about your time zone? Check out this website: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/)
  • Preferred Language(s):
  • Preferred Game Mode: (Survival, Endless, Chaos Trials, Sabotage, Weekly Challenge)
  • What we look for in our guild members: 
  • Voice Chat: (Does your guild use voice chat? Is it a must have? Which app(s) do you use?)
  • Additional Remarks:
Keep in mind this discussion is supposed to be a quick and easy way for players to find out about guilds. If you have questions, pm the person you would like to ask directly.
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    Hi we are looking for people for our guild or just to play. We mainly play survival and alot of sabatoge. If u wanna play hit me up psn is Munch_Me_Soft
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  • russ1411russ1411 Member
    Add me too  username:russ1411
  • Add me also: MorbidSoul
  • Any Guild on ps4 who me and my friend can join pls, we are 20+ with  a few character.. 
    My psn is BanditC1998
  • Join TheBlackLotus :)
  • Wogawell said:
    Join TheBlackLotus :)
    I did, accept me

  • Join our Guild - Leigh Town Soldiers 
    • Guild Name: An Orc's Wit [Quip]
    • Contact(s): rollawaythedew-
    • Timezone(s): All USA timezones.
    • Preferred Language(s): English only
    • Preferred Game Mode: We play all game modes.
    • What we look for in our guild members: Level 25+, x1 Tier 5 trap, must have a microphone, and be friendly.
    • Voice Chat: PSN Parties
    • Additional Remarks: A casual guild looking to increase their numbers so we always have people online to play with (matchmaking can be annoying at times!). It's me, and two of my PSN buddies who started and own the guild. Accepting applications! Search "Quip". 
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    look for a fun guild or clan from europe to join, with most important factor being fun instead of getting the highest score on sabotage.

    Im dutch with good english language skills.


  • Hey guys I'm Aaron AKA SlayerAmok on PSN...feel free to add me I'm currently almost level 97 and looking for good people who game decent. Also a requirement is Teamwork! In matchmaking you'll be lucky to get  people who understand this concept. My guild is BLEED I'll take any level of experience as long as you're active and willing to improve. I'm really looking for good hearted people with a thirst for Bloooood lol. Douchebaggery assholery and cuntery will not be tolerated. Love and blessings to you all.......SlayerAmok.
  • [NuNs] -Ninja Assault Nuns guild recruiting lv80 and gold rank or higher players. We also have a big discord community composed mainly of lv100 very active players that are looking to improve and give contructive feedback about the game but are also looking to make new friends and have some fun. If you dont want to join the guild then feel free to join the discord community. All that we ask is to be active and use the discord server. We have implemented a lot of features that we use to improve the game and the community interactions. We are working everyday to improve our community and our player base. Check us out

    Ragnarosorak, ManceRader and the [NuNs] discord community.
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