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Hi all

Firstly just want to say how fun and addictive your game is

I'm having an issue while trying to play OMDU on my vita while I'm away from home. The layout of the vita controls places R2 and L2 at the bottom of the front touch screen which means you cant move aim and fire at once. Also as there is no configure controls option on PS4 that I can see it's means I can't play :(

Can you please either change the layout of the Vita controls so L2 and R2 moves to the rear touchscreen or allow the option to add a controller layout to the game?

thanks in advance


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    Thank you so much for letting us know about this, it's not something we have heard from other players. I talked to our QA team, and they let me know that we use the Pattern A configuration for the Vita. This should have every input needed, but hearing that it's not very user friendly for gameplay is very, very helpful. If there's anything else you can tell us about what's frustrating or difficult we'd love to hear it.
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  • It's the fact that you can't aim and shoot as the R2 button press is front (bottom right) touch screen which mean your thumb has to fire so you can not aim only strafe. If you can change the layout to have that on the back (I know another standard layout is to have R2,3,L2,3 on the back which allows for the thumb to be used that would massively help. If it helps I can film a YouTube clip to show. 
  • This is also a significant issue for me. OMDU ran near flawlessly on my Vita, but having R2 and L2 on the front touchscreen make it all but impossible to play. For some reason the Vita shoulder buttons are assigned to R1 and L1, which is only used for trap switching. If you could flip these, so R1 and L1 are on the front touchscreen (or back), and R2 and L2 were assigned to the Vita shoulder buttons, it would be PERFECT. Thanks so much. 
  • Or re-map L1 and R1 to abilities. 
  • @ShadeDev any update on this? 
  • Hi everyone. I just registered to also say how great of a game this is. Love it.

     Problem is, my family has one tv we all share. So i do all my gaming on my ps vita using remote play. The issue i face are the same as the other posters. Please fix. ☺
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