Hello from PS4!

Thank you for bringing OMD!U to PS4!

OMD1 and 2 consumed over 100 hours of my life and I'm certain unchained will be similar. There's nothing like coming home after a long day of work and relaxing to the annihilation of a thousand shredded orcs. 

So far I've gotten to lvl 37 and am enjoying the ramped up difficulty with masters levels. Not easy but definitely a rewarding challenge. 

The music is great, art style is amazing, animations are good and the humor is fun.

I'm 2% into spending 200m gold so I better get back to it..... Any tips for spending more gold besides playing more?



  • I would recommend first buying all the heroes since they are all great. After that if you don't care about skins buy some rift lord chests and skulls to upgrade the traps you would be getting. Once you have all the commons and uncommons maxed out. Move onto the gib store buy several of the trap/parts chests once those start giving you too many gibs buy the rest from deals. After that everything should be maxed. That's if you want everything quick.

    Also you can buy multiple weekly passes for more skulls and exp.
  • DaxtDaxt Member
    Perhaps you misunderstand. The 200 million gold is in game that you would spend on traps. You may have to set traps for a year to acquire it but you are not required to buy anything.

    I can see how the weekly passes are important... I'll keep it up for a few weeks to get some levels.
  • Oh ok the achievement.

    People have got it on steam but that's probably from hacking or that they are game devs testing it.
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