Unable to connect to single player server

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Hi all,
since yesterday I am not able to connect to the single player server The multiplayer server works fine. Can you please check with your network team if there are any routing issues?

In the meantime, is there any way for me to use another server than

Please see below for a tracert comparison. Note the identical server on the way and the different results afterwards.

My tracert

---removed for privacy by moderator
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    Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. As you can see above, I removed your traceroutes because anybody could read them on here. We aren't aware of any issues with the server that would cause this so I'd like to ask you to please submit a ticket with our support (https://orcsmustdie.com/#!/en/support/contact-us), giving them the details you posted here. They will be able to look at everything in-depth and try to figure out what is happening.
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