[PS4] Frustrated and Disappointed.

I have been enjoying the game for about two weeks now until early this morning when server maintenance happened and ever since all I get is a can't login to PSN error message.

After 4+ hours on the phone with Sony, having to make a account here, submit a ticket, calling my ISP to refresh my connection, rebuilding my PS4, factory reseting my PS4, multiple uninstalling and reinstalling of your game it still gives me the error message.

4 hours of frustration, wiping my PS4 and close to 500 GIG's of cap wasted to reinstall all my PS4 games and saved data ( most couldn't even do that with their ISP caps)  trying to fix this game to no avail.

I dont get a way to fix this my options are to eat over a hundred dollars of content I bought for your game, or charge back and losing a PSN account over several years old ( see why people make alt accounts now.) all over your game.

Disappointed as I was really enjoying your game ( enough to wipe my PS4 to fix it ) and liked how your company was friendly and tried to help ( the person I talked to on the phone was a shining example of great customer service her going out of her way to find someone and call me back made the decision to do everything I could to get your game working easy) to the best of their ability but if I can't get this fixed I will be left with few options other then to uninstall and charge back. ( Sony's attitude of we have your money VISA TOS who cares, makes me charging back more likely if this can't be fixed.

Anyone knows of any other things I could do or try to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Well, hard to know anything about your problem since all you said is thatyou can't login.

    Have you contacted Robot in any way? Have you tried contacting Robot support here?

  • Hey @zartanyen, sorry to hear you're having this issue it sounds awful. However, that error message does indicate general Playstation connectivity issues. Are you still experiencing it? Are you able to connect to other games but not OMDU? Our support team would love to help if you are having OMDU issues, but if your problems are more systemic you should definitely continue working with the Sony team to see what's going on.

    Sony DID have a small update of their own on Tuesday and that may be what's caused your issue :(
    Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
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