Mousewheel selection gear slot 3 results in activation of slot 2

Title: Using mouse wheel to select slot 3 then pressing primary attack will sometimes activate slot 2, not 3.
In game
Reproduction Steps:

1. Have any 2 gear pieces slotted in 2 and 3
2. use mouse wheel to select/highlight the 2nd gear item (slot 3 if you press 3 on the keyboard)
3. Press primary attack
4. slot 2 will be activated often instead of 3.

Reproduction Rate:
3/5 attempts

 If I have clover in slot 2 and ring of storms in slot 3, I will use the mouse wheel to select the ring of storms (it shows as yellow highlighted), press primary attack to activate, and then the clover is activated instead of the ring of storms. But I press 3 instead of using the mousewheel, it works as expected. I could try making an in game video if that would help.

Im using default windows 10 HID-compiant mouse drivers with a mionix avior sk mouse. I don't have this problem in other games that I have noticed.

Expected Results: 
activates the item highlighted, not the wrong one


  • The problem is with the animation happening for a split second before changing to the other one.

    It's worst with a controller on normal settings because you have to scroll through them with lmb and rmb. Meaning you can get it to trigger 100% if you don't wait half a second.
  • ah ok, Ill pay attention to that then thanks.
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