Question about the next event!

Even though the devs are keeping this whole endless summer thing hush hush
What do you guys think it will be about/ feature?
"Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"


  • I think it could be mentioned in the next insider access tomorrow ;).
  • maybe something impossible like the last one?

    kill 1.500.000 Humans
    900.000 Medium Humans
    700.000 Strong Humans
    and finally 100.000 armored Giants (because they only exist in Sabotage)
  • DaTeddyBear is correct, we'll be talking about events on the next IA! You should tune in :)

    The next weekend event will be roughly similar to the first one but with different goals and it will also run on the PS4.
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