Recent Sabotage matchmaking changes?

Over the last couple days I have had a truly terrible stretch of matchmaking for sabotage, not sure if bad luck or new algorithm. 

I am Gold 2 level 75 and have been queuing up (solo) for at least my 2 wins a day for quite a while now and it seems to be noticeably worse this week. For the first time I can recall it is now creating 1v1 matches, which i actually don't mind although it means that you are always playing either Dobbin or Max. The real problem is that I have been getting a lot of 2v2 matches where I am teamed up with fresh level 5 (or whatever the minimum is now) with grey/red traps. I try to communicate to at least get them to turn on trap selling and to help out with Barricades, but it is just an abysmal experience to try and win with someone who:

1. May or may not be communicative at all
2. Has no idea what they are doing or what the meta is for any given map
3. Places traps wantonly around that are unsellable and actively hurt the effort
4. You just have to pray to god doesn't get a bomb/damage aura on a barricade intensive map. 

I'd rather wait 10 minutes for a game I have a chance to win than 3 minutes for another one of these mad scrambles to teach someone how to play in 2 minutes while also simultaneously trying to, you know, play the game. 


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    Play other modes. Play with the friends(too bad 3 ppl max...sigh). Enjoy the massacre. Enjoy the funny physics. Enjoy the chaos.  Enjoy the destruction! Enjoy the combo sounds. Enjoy the floating numbers!
    Play it like a real TD.
    Not caring about the leaderboard. Not caring about the balance. Not caring about the win and lose. Just wanna have fun ya know.


    The game just doesn't have enough player-base(at any moment on average) to have a good/balanced pvp-relating game mode at the moment imo. Good luck next time.
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  • Could just be luck. In my experience I think the matchmaking has actually been better the last couple of days.  Maybe I'm just lucky and haven't been put in the 2v2s with low levels.

    As for the 1v1 matches I've enjoyed them so far.  Of course ideally I would prefer a 3v3 match with everyone similarly skilled and working together, but the 1v1 matches are FAR preferable to being matched up with the low level who doesn't have sell traps on, doesn't communicate, and spams spike traps in key barricade places.

    In fact I'd say I enjoy it more when the matchmaker shows me I'm in a 1v1 because I know that when it shows a 2v2 I'm really rolling the dice.  At least with the 1v1 matches I know I can only blame myself and not feel forced into a loss because my ally doesn't understand the game.
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    i was thinking about coming back for a bit but saw this thread and see that its as bad as ever.

    Every time id hit plat 2 it would start matching me with nubs, sinking me back down.
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