[PC] Arcane Phaser works like Coin Generator


Fact :
I play some games when I put an Arcane Phaser(AP) in the first wave and the trap won't dissapear until the end of the game (1X waves).
The AP is triggered more than 9 times.

Idea :
It seems the AP works like a Coin Generator.
It is refilled at the start of each wave.
So if the AP doesn't used his 9 shoots in one wave, it will start the next wave with 9 shoots.

Others information :
When I used the AP, it hadn't any parts.
Used on Chaos Trial (Rift Lord) / Survival
Maybe the behaviour of the AP is correct and the french translation is wrong.
In french's description, the trap should be deleted when the trap is triggered 9 times.


  • Jooper8Jooper8 Member
    edited August 2017
    In english it says "...Trap expires after firing 9 times.", and it seems yes, it does gets automatically deleted after 9 fires in the same wave. I agree they should change the description, it makes it looks like a worse trap than what it really is.
  • I just hate when you are using the phasers and The Chaotic Kolbolt appears and lays down one of them orange disruption crystals right in the middle of a big spot of them making all my phasers vanish completely right after I had just put them down... 
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