Get rid of "Kill rare monster" daily quests

Does anyone find it do be a real pain to "kill 30 fire elementals", kill 100 fire fiends (not as bad), ect. These monsters are so rare, that getting the quest done by pugging is next to impossible. Not only that, but you will have a about 2 maps per difficulty level that have them and they don't have 30 fire elementals, so you'll have to run them twice to complete the quest. Good luck doing it solo or even duo is hard af (because the maps the fire elementals are on are hard in general).

Meanwhile you can get quests as braindead easy as "place 2 guardians" or "kill 300 orcs" that take hardly any time to complete.

I just figured out that you can reroll quests the other days and I will insta-reroll the "kill x super rare monster" when I see them now.

Please get rid of these quests OR add the rare monsters to many, many more maps. Thank you. 


  • Tbh I find all daily quests doable in a single run, except for "Win x matches".
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