Exclude maps we dont like.

In wow, a player can exclude 2 battlegrounds he dosent wanna join. 
I fucking hate some of these maps.  Like "shark island" The Restricted section" and sometimes "the wall"
I love playing survivel with a team. but if you dont have the right team you gonna lose from the start on these maps
i know random maps really help the que time here.. but im here for the fun of it. im not gonna join a map i dont like. So screwed it!  i just quit the game and start the game again.

Is it fair to the 2 other players that just accepted the map? Hell no. and i fell bad about it. (and seems there is no penelty for quiting before the map starts)
but like i said. after a hard days work. im really not up for bullshit and i just wanna chill.  
there are 14-15 maps. let say we can exclude 3-4 of them. 



  • Are you taking about PC or PS4?

    On PC it is often best to form your own party and play the map you desire without random queueing. You can ask in global chat if there is anybody who wants to join you in doing a specific map. 
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