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I recognize that getting 200m gold will be a heavy grind but I've found that the game gives a few ways in each situation to solve a dilemma.

With that in mind I'm reaching out to the community to ask for your experience in spending Gold, the in game currency to buy traps, to determine the highest amount able to be earned per minute spent. 

If you can participate I'm interested in hearing how you earn and spend gold the fastest. 

My best earnings per minute have been in Survival on Rift Lord Maximum Security at 113k gold spent per 18.:02 minutes game time.

I suicide to spend gold on respawns as the game approaches the end. What do you do?


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    It's a ridiculous threshold.  Without spending hours farming like you are describing, you are only going to average roughly 20k per match.  At roughly 15 min per match, that's 10,000 games and 3,750 hours of play time required.  That's 156 days of play time!
  • If you spend time thinking about this subject, why are you even here? go invest in the stock market and make actual money. 
  • This is possible so no need to worry.

    Also the achievement before was 1 billion so that was funny.
  • I mean it goes a lot faster in Solo games for the obvious reasons. I play mostly matchmaker for dailies nowadays, but i'm at 17% after around 970 games.
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    Check this out, might help you a little bit.

    1. Use Dobbin to farm, he has an upgrade called Gold Rush which will give you a one time 8,000 gold coin + he naturally earns more gold.

    2. Use Double Spring and Vanity Plating Parts to increase trap cost. Use on high costing traps such as ceiling ballista, etc.

    3. Don't use Trap Cost Reduction Traits or Perks. Unless Subsidized Parts which will give you 500 gold per part. So if you have 4 of them, as an example you will start with 2,000 extra gold at the beginning of match.

    4. Traits such as Big Spender, Making it Rain, and Kipnapped by a Leprechaun will allow you to earn more gold.

    5. Use "Boom Barrels" - Spam and shoot them. 

    6. Buy consumable with skulls which will allow you to earn gold.
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    Good tips. Dobbin is definitely the way to go.
  • So this trophy practically requires folks to grind through hundreds of hours of solo play doing the same thing over and over.  It's not something that anyone will ever get from playing the game the way it was meant to be played.
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    I think my max gold for a solo match was 130k. I'll post the pic tonight but I know the community can do better somehow. 

    It's apparent that the devs wanted people to stick around and play the game for years... But it's also apparent that they do not know the PS4 community. I love the game and bought all the heros but I can see people skipping hero trophies and spending less $$$ because the platinum is completely unaccessible to a casual gamer who can platinum other games in 20-80 hours.

    Didn't mean to derail the thread, there has to be some way to avoid 500 hours in game to get the trophy. Lets see some screenshots! I'll post mine tonight.
  • I realize I'm way behind the times with this response but I've been waiting for weekly events where you have a high starting gold. Recently there was an event where you had 30k starting gold. I would load the map, start it and just build traps off somewhere while the enemies march to the rift. OP's method is roughly 100 gold a second. The weekly challenge method allows you to get over 600 gold a second (both without loading times). Of course it's all about actually having a good challenge to use. If anyone finds a better method please let me know (or you could cut the amount again Robot! I would love you for that!). 

    - A motivated trophy hunter. 
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