Ps4 unplayable. Blue screen results in complete zero gains



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    Hey y'all!

     Thank you so much for reporting these errors with such detailed information concerning the Blue-Screen crash you have all experienced. We do sincerely apologize for the error, and actively have our teams working on a fix for this, and hope to get it corrected very soon. We can absolutely understand that this is a frustrating situation, and we wanted to thank you for your continued support and patience with us while we work to get this resolved so you can get back to crushin' those orcs. If I receive any updates from our team I will be sure to let you know!

  • Well poop. Was playing Eventide Fortress endless mode solo. Got to wave 28 or 29 and blue screen. I still have all the visual effect options disabled. This is the first blue screen I've had since I disabled them (after many, many games). 
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    Eventide def the buggiest map in the game. How many games / highest waves have you had on PS4? Have you noticed a significant difference playing with the settings off versus when you had them on? 
  • around wave 20, sometimes more, I honestly think that particularly this map is a bit too mich for the ps4, especially in high waves when theres ALOT going on everywhere, I do even think (may be coincidence) it depends on whhich hero you play and which traps you take makes alot of difference, fire traps and heros (smolder f.e.) are dangerous to take with, electricity as well (max and cygnus). the furthest I got is almost always with heros and traps with almost none visual effects, but like I said, maybe coincidence
  • DnbNation said:
    Eventide def the buggiest map in the game. How many games / highest waves have you had on PS4? Have you noticed a significant difference playing with the settings off versus when you had them on? 
    I posted a note in this thread on August 27th when I disabled all the effects.  It's been roughly a week and half and I've played a *lot* of games (my area was flooded by Hurricane Harvey and we couldn't go anywhere).  I've played a lot of Endless on the Wall and Avalanche but I don't think I ever got much past wave 20 or so.  As I mentioned above, I had not had any issues since the effects disabling (including Eventide Fortress Survival mode) until last night.  It's helped tremendously, but it's apparently not a complete solution.
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    Hey guys! I'm just popping by to let you all know that the team is still working on this as a top priority. We haven't forgotten you!
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  • Same bluescreen problem here: Banquet Hall - endless with Smolder. Tried it three times. Bluescreen at around 18 min, 20 min and 28 min.  I love this game, but at the moment i don't touch it. It's to frustrating.
  • I tried Eventide Fortress again just now. Blue screen on wave 30.  :(
  • Yeah, so I'm playing The Wall endless mode solo.  This is at least my 10th attempt to 5 star this map and I'm kicking butt.  I finally complete wave 25 with 2 rift points left and I feel awesome.  Wave 26 starts and there are an insane amount of mountain trolls.  I move to cut them off and as soon as the leader of the pack rounds the corner, blue screen.  1 hour of play time wasted.  no rewards.  no recognition on the leaderboard.  Sad panda. 

    I think the next time I play endless mode, if I complete wave 25, I'm just going to let the minions win asap and hope it happens before the blue screen of total frustration gets me again.
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    @ berninhell That's unfortunate to hear, Good job on "The Wall" regardless of what happened to say the least. It excites me when I see other people playing endless high waves solo. I've seen you're name on the PS4 leaderboards a few times.
  • Thanks. I enjoy endless solo.  It really let's you test out a lot of ideas for traps and barricade routing.
  • the problems started occuring since yesterday but today they’re even worse. I am currently playing rift lord maps on ps4 and for some reason when i am for example on wave 11 or 12/12 my application shuts down. I also experienced another glitch where i completed an online survival match (also rift lord but different map) and i didnt get any rewards or hero victory. Does anyone experience these same glitches?
  • Is it a blue screen error?
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    The first issue does indeed sound like the notorious blue screen error for which the team is working on a fix. For the second issue, could I trouble you to submit a ticket with our support here:!/en/support/contact-us and let them know as many details as you remember about the match after which it occurred (name of teammates, what hero you were using, which map it was, at about what time it took place). They will be able to look at your account history and see what happened.
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  • The Throne Room endless version is glitched. Don't know if this is for all, but keeps happening for me. In fact as I recall was happening the last Kill enemies goal too. Ran 2 back to back, both about 40 minutes of my time, only to get to wave 19 and the game to crash. As I said this was happening on the 2nd week goal too, but I forgot about it til now. There must have been close to or surpassing 2,000 soldier kills towards the goal that went nowhere because of the crash. FIX THIS!!!!
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    I'm sorry to hear about your issue and I understand that it is frustrating. The team is aware of the blue screen issue and they are working to fix it as quickly as possible. You can also take a look at this very helpful post where some users have compiled some changes that can help with the issue

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    I have everything shut off and it still happens :(. I can't do the Wall endless. Maybe I'm too slow? I get to wave 21 and boom. or 19 depending on my speed. 

    I did avalanche and pushed my luck and got to 28.... then crash. I was just excited I figured it out.  Next time I went to 25 and let them go. I wanted to take OrcsMustGetHigh spot. 

    I love this game. Wish you could release 1 and 2 as DLC as when I chat with people few have played. My favorite series of all times. My son and I still have your PAX t-shirts and wished you were there this year. 

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