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Ive played a good amount of sabotage with all skill levles and ranks and in my experience here is how i rank the spell cards.  A brief description is included for some traps.  While this ranking will give you a general idea of the cards and how they are used, it is far more important to use the cards at the right time.  A well timed "crappy" card will always beat a crappy timed "great" card.

In no particular order within each tier:

Diamond Tier
  • Dance - Stuns the entire team.  It doesnt get any better than this.
  • No Xp - Denies the entire team xp for its duration.  I think people dont realize how important xp is in sabotage. 
  • Coin Disable Spell - Denies the entire team coin for its duration.  This is never bad and is very impactful at every wave, with a slight dropoff in sudden death. 
Note: I think some people will disagree with no xp and coin disable being in the highest tier, but Ive included them because they have no downside and their upside is quite strong, ableit not immediately. But as you play more sabotage and get better games, youre gonna see how important xp and coin are.  At low levels the trap levels vary, but at the higher ranks everyone has T7, everyone uses the "best heroes" so the real difference between teams is xp and coin and setup. If those 3 are the pillars of winning in sabotage, cards that directly affect them are therefore really good.  I think its crazy that no xp is only an uncommon and coin disable is rare.

  • Trap Immolation Staff -It blows up cades, it cant be bad.  Please remember how cards are used is more important than the actual card itself.
  • Trap Disable Staff -It disables all the traps, it cant be bad.  Sudden death superstar.
  • Stun - Despite being a freebee card, stunning someone is never bad.
  • Bomb - It blows up cades, damages others, and mini stuns the carrier.  This card alone has won/lost more games than all other cards combined.  Highest impact card in the game.
  • Polymorph Chicken - all but immobilized the enemy for a significant duration.  Targetable, which is another big positive.
  • Premature Unchained - you not only remove the enemies "oh crap" button, but make it more difficult for them to get another
  • Minion Heal staff - It heals all the minons in its area, it cant be bad.  Sudden death superstar.
  • Mesmerization Spell - long duration, targetable.  one of the best ways to get the enemy ranged heroes.
  • Control Immunity Staff - Sudden death superstar.
  • Long Cooldown - One of the strongest cards in the game, but it can be removed, it can be negated with unchained.

  • Trap Disable Aura - Unlike the staff you cant dictate where it gets placed.  Against ranged heroes this this is nearly worthless, but is pretty strong against melee.
  • Primary Attack Knockback - can be kinda annoying.  Enemies often are not as aggressive attacking when this effect is applied.
  • More Aggro - can often surprise enemies.  Makes it annoying.
  • Drain Unchained - Unlike Premature unchained, this does not make it more difficult to fill the unchained meter.  Recall that every time you go unchained its harder to fill the meter. 
  • Poison - Under normal circumstances this doesnt do much, but if the enemy is stressed, this can exacerbate the issue.
  • Minion Health Boost Spell - Its never bad, but its also not that good/impactful.
  • Coin Drain Aura - Ever since they changed it, its not bad.  Easily avoided, but sometimes it cant be helped.
  • Ability Disable Spell - Severely gimps an enemy for a significant duration.  Devs, this should be a targetable spell.
  • Hero Slow Staff - good when coupled with other cards or in certain situations.  Otherwise useless if the enemy has dug in at their killbox.
  • Clone - While you can steal any card they have, even a potentially weak card its ranked here because it provides intel on what hte enemy is planning to send your way. That info is very valuable.
  • Minion Control Resist Spell -  Admittedly I havent used this card a bunch, but based on its stats it seems to be in the middle of the pack.

  • Unstable Rift - I would rank this higher, but most sabotage maps allow the minions to be routed to a single focal point so it doesnt matter that it spawns.  Most maps the KBs are far enough back that the spawn points are all in front of the killbox, so again no worries if it isnt destroyed.  The things that come out are a mild annoyance.
  • Minion stealth - Its pretty good, but only on certain maps (basically its only reliable on banquet hall and gates of thuricvod). Because of its limited RELIABLE use, I rank it in silver.
  • Primary Attack Heals Spell - would be higher if it actually worked properly.  It only applies a small heal, so youre dmg will still go through, just at a reduced rate.
  • No Aggro - Similar to More aggro, but No aggro can sometimes be beneficial as it allows the enemy to roam freely without fear.
  • Minion Speed Boost Spell - Its just not that good. If you break through the enemy lines after casting, you wouldve broke through with anything.  Considering Tar or v.tar is standard increasing the speed isn't very useful.
  • Minion Speed Boost Staff - Same as the spell, but its harder to use.  Its not very good, weirdly I still like this card tho.
  • Minion Dmg boost spell- It doesn't really have downsides, but the upside just isnt that strong.
  • Disable camera Spell - Short duration with a warning period.  this spell is little more than a minor inconvenience.  Devs, increase duration, remove warning time.
  • Damage Aura Spell - Pretty easy to re-position and avoid this spell's effect.  If paired with other cards ....
  • Mana Drain - yea.  This can be strong at the lower levels tho.

  • Ogre Spludge - Unless you still get fooled by the game peekaboo, you shouldnt have issues with this trap.
  • Double trap cost - It would be good, but you can sell what you just spent so unless youre a moron this trap has no penalty.  The duration is less than the in-between wave time so why even bother.
  • Slow Aura - Pretty annoying when coupled with other stuff or in very tight quarters, otherwise useless.


  • very nice ranking.

    The only thing i would change is:
    Trap Immolation Staff -It blows up cades, it cant be bad.  Please remember how cards are used is more important than the actual card itself.
    - if you use T7 Cades and Wallbuilding PhD it will take forever to destroy a cade and most people will just destroy it before it deals enough dmg

    More like a high gold ranking

    Hope that you are going to make one for minions aswell.
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    I think it's hard to make a good tier of spells because a lot of them depend in a lot of things. However there is a huge difference from playing 2v2 or 3v3 compared to 1v1. It's also a huge difference of playing in 3-man coordinated teams and/or high lvl compared to just random matchmaking.

    Anyhow I think you are underestimating some spells like the damage aura and the trap disable aura. Also the polimorph chicken, it makes players unable to use any skill and are vulnerable to all damage. Ogre Spludge with some combo can make it pretty good, bronze is a bit too harsh imo, quite better than no/more aggro. Hero Slow Staff can be insanely good if properly placed too, it can be used in many situations and most maps.

    Minion Heal staff should be Diamond, that thing healing rate is insane. 

    Also I think you are overestimating the Dance, mesmerize and the Stun. Even the bomb is pretty situational and useless in half of the maps when playing against decent players. You can get out of any Dance/Stun/mesmerize with just bringing the Freedom Trinket, which is pretty much a must if you want to have a higher chance of winning.

    No XP/coins are indeed very good, but can easily be countered by power gens and xp siphons, which again you should bring if you want an easier match.
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    all valid points. 

    Trap immolation isnt strong enough to kill wall builidng phd cades anyway (pretty sure they can survive it).  Like i said, how you use it is more important than the card itself.  e.g. dmg aura.  By itself it's pretty bad, but when you combine it... it can get pretty nasty.  But this isnt a spell combo ranking, its ranking the cards individually. In general if you combine cards the outcome is better than the sum of its parts.  all spells, with exception of double trap cost, have their place (seriously double trap cost is so useless). 

    The freedom trinket and powergens are valid counters to stuns and no xp/coin respectively, but i think if you have to build your deck to counter certain cards then that card is pretty strong.  You only get 9 slots.  What other spell card forces you to counter it that hard in order to just keep up?  I think we are on the same page with its strength.  But just because it can be countered doesnt necessarily mean its not that good. If things didnt have counters then they'd be kinda OP. 

    The only reason i didnt make minion heal staff diamond is same reason trap disable and control resist staffs arent.  In the early waves they just dont have the impact because the minion waves arent super strong.  The enemy can power through them even without unchained.  That said, you'll notice i called them sudden death superstars. They belong in a tier higher than diamond for sudden death.

    Lastly, Im Plat5 now, but I started at Silver 1. 3 of my guild are in diamond and Ive also played a bunch with my lil cousin in Bronze2 so Ive seen the specturm of skill and how different levels react to certain cards.  Bomb is still powerful.  I think high rank players have enough experience to learn how to deal with it, but that doesnt negate its overall impact to the game.  I mean slow aura, slow aura, bomb can win a game lol. 

    Im not gonna do a minion guide.  Its not nearly as nuanced as the spells and doesnt really require much.  Also minoin is way more about the combo of minions than the minions themselves.  Here is a 2 sentence minion guide.  Wave 1, pick something to match your teammates i.e. send all fast or all heavy or all swarm.  Last wave/sudden death, send heavy.  Thats it.

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  • quick update:

    double trap card's real benefit is in mid wave when something happesn ot the enemy and they are tryig to throw down some "oh crap" traps to slow the tide down.  That said, its still a bronze trap because its dependent on something else happening, and is still passive as the enemy is no forced to place anything.  It has marginal use in my book now.

    I consider moving minion control resist spell up to platinum tier because it A) it appears really early in the game, B) actually works quite well.  The fact the card can show up so early when other good cards cant is a big bonus.

    chicken cannot be countered by freedom trinket. You will be a chicken no matter what. still plat. true stun > hex.

    demoting stun to gold tier.  Its still strong, but everything else in plat seems so much stronger than stun.

    promoting damage aura to gold.  while its still rather weak on range, it can be pretty impactful against melee who are basically forced to leave a barricade created choke point.  it may not necessarily reduce thier dmg output tho so I think gold is a fair placement.

    Im down on poison.  Just dont really feel its presence.  It only hits one enemy, its random.  If this was targetable that would be a lot better or if it affected the entire enemy team.  Demoted to Silver. Its effect is still decent, but its limited use makes it hard to justify its spot in gold.

    • minion health boost is rising in popularity in my head.  Very sneaky tankmode. 
    • clone is gaining stock as well.  The info gained is invaluable. maybe plat just for that alone.
    • agreeing more and more with axony about trap immolation.  Its nearly useless in high tier with double struts and wall building PHD.  its still pretty powerful in low ranks tho.

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