Release 1.05 for PS4 - August 22

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New Hero: Deadeye

Deadeye is an infamous outlaw with a bounty on her head. With each kill, she becomes stronger and more infamous. Her dual crossbows and explosive arrows make her a force to be reckoned with.

Half elf and half orc, Deadeye was adopted into the elven community of the First Grove as a child and raised as Galadra the trueshot. Accused of her adoptive mother High Warden Naya’s brutal murder, Galadra was narrowly apprehended by Ivy, Warden of the First Grove, losing her right eye in the process and becoming Galadra the Deadeye.

New Feature: Community Challenges

Exciting news, War Mages! In-game events have been a frequent question and discussion topic within the OMDU community and this update finally delivers a lot of the technology we need to create fun in-game events. Stay tuned for the first community event: Endless Summer.

New Feature: Pause

A highly requested feature has finally arrived!  We have added the ability for non-matchmade games to be paused by any player.  Due to the game being online, we cannot pause forever, but you have a significant amount of time to grab a snack.

New Feature: Comm-Rose

Another highly requested feature has been added: The communication rose.  Players can press R3 to quickly communicate with other teammates.

New: Sabotage Map - Stables of Eventide

Stables of Eventide is now available in Sabotage mode.

New: Polymorph Base Set Consumable 

The Polymorph Base Set consumable is now available and earned by using Polymorph Chicken 75x.
New: Sabotage Consumables
  • Armored Satyrs
  • Control Resist Buff
  • Control Immunity Staff

Additional Changes Since Last Update:

  • Apprentice Hero victory chests now drop 2 cards, instead of 1.


  • Control immunity now blocks all knockbacks.  Control resistance continues to NOT modify knockbacks.
  • Stables of Eventide pathing updated.
  • Confluence and Crogon Keep have had metal grates added to the Rift Room to prevent exploits with barricades.


  • Players can now buy bundles of chests, rather than just 1 chest at a time.
  • Dashboard now displays more cards within the workshop and store simultaneously.
  • In-game UI size increased significantly.


  • An announcer line has been added for "Our traps are being disabled".  
    Note: This will be removed in a future patch, due to it being overzealously triggered.
  • The iMage now has multiple lines upon death, conveying whether or not you killed the real iMage or not.
  • Remastered OMD2 music has been added to OMD!U.  Even MORE music improvements are coming in the future.


Fire/Frost Ogres:

  • No longer have 50 physical armor.
  • Health increased by 10%.

Gnoll Breeder:

  • Health reduced by 10%.
  • Teacup gnoll damage reduced by 20%.
  • Teacup gnolls will now enter the rift (but not score rift points).


  • Primary attack now deals 30% increased damage.
  • Primary attack damage fall-off increased to 45% (from 33%).
    Developer Comment: The previous Bionka nerfs went a bit too far against single targets.  This change maintains Bionka's area damage, while increasing her single target damage.


  • Blink now restores 30% of Gabriella's health.
  • Devious Allure now slows enemies by 40% for 2 seconds if canceled early by damage.
    Developer Comment: Gabby's skillset is a fun one - However, as many people have pointed out, her skills are too conditional.  These changes are aimed at providing buffing Gabriella in a way that provides her skills with greater opportunity for use.


  • Speed increased by 10%.
    Developer Comment: We heard your feedback regarding the recent Hogarth jump change.  As a result, we have decided to increase his mobility to compensate.


  • Penetrating Shot is now capped at 8 targets (from 10).
    Developer Comment: Ivy very rarely hits 8 enemies with her penetrating shot, so this change is very small.


  • Heart of Flame mana cost lowered to 10 per second (from 12).
  • Dragon's Breath mana cost lowered to 16 per second (from 18).
  • Range on Incinerate increased to 5000 (from 1500).
    Developer Comment: Smolder is a fun hero to play for many people.  However, her overall damage is a little low given her lack of control.  We have decided to buff her ability up-time.


  • Stinkeye's double Zephyr of Oasis weaver upgrade has been reworked: Now causes the totem's stun to slow minions by 50% after the stun ends.
  • Attack totem damage reduced by 30%.  We fixed a bug in the last patch that caused stinkeye to deal FAR more damage.  As a result, he is now over-tuned.
    Developer Comment: It was very hard to gain the benefits of Stinkeye's previous upgrade.  However, this new upgrade is easier to use, but provides less peak power.


  • Oziel passive reworked: No longer gains max mana with each soul stack.  Instead, Oziel now deals high damage from the beginning of the game.  Upon acquiring 75 soul stacks, Oziel may consume them to use his "Haunting Spirits" ability.
  • Haunting Spirits no longer has a cooldown.
  • Base mana increased to 300 from 160.
  • Weavers 8 and 12 swapped position.  Vexing Surge now provides a soul upon hitting an enemy.
    Developer Comment: We initially designed the soul mechanic to make Oziel to play as a carry.  However, in the current incarnation of the game, this design doesn't really fit.  These changes should make Oziel more powerful at the start of the game and more enjoyable to play.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where using consumables would be blocked by other actions.
  • Fixed several issues related to kill-screen information being incorrect or missing.
  • Fixed an issue where barricade rubble could disrupt destroyer pathing.
  • Fixed an issue where movement abilities could break camera disabling effects.
  • Fixed an issue where trap projections would remain after a player disconnects.
  • Fixed a bug where Sabotage could randomly select consumables that shouldn't be available on waves 1-4.
  • Fixed an issue where the iMage would loiter behind purple barriers.
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  • Tundra? 
  • seandarkoseandarko Member, Early Access
    Is the Blackscale skin set to be available for PS4?

  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    No Tundra yet.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • Draokin45Draokin45 Member
    edited August 2017
    What time does patch go live?
  •  the "star search" trophy isn't being awarded
  • This maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last approximately three hours.
  • When chaos trials will arrive?
  • Really looking forward to this patch.  Actually kinda glad that Stinkeye is being nerfed.  Sometimes he made things way too easy.  I'm new to OMD, but I'm really liking the way things are being handled by the devs.  Gonna buy some coins and get Deadeye as soon as she's available.
  • The smolder incinerate buff will allow for larger multi-kills when unchained after incinerate cooldown weaver.  Can't wait to try this and the other character changes out. I really appreciate the ps4 support. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
     the "star search" trophy isn't being awarded
    This should be fixed with today's patch. If you continue experiencing the issue please let us know!
    German Community Manager
  • When will the Chaos Trials go live? Been waiting on these for a while, and pretty excited about them! Already have my key for it and everything!!
  • DaxtDaxt Member
    Great changes. Thanks for the patch!

    Most notably, my kids won't get neglected because I can pause and the days of spamming that totem with Stinkeye to wreck everything before it comes out of the gate are over.

    Stinkeye was so broken.
  • Nooooo not Stinkeye, i loved his broken DPS. Oh well at least some of the other heroes i main got buffs and i'm also glad that Gnoll Breeder got nerfed, because he's downright annoying to deal with early game. Overall nice update. It's gonna take my potato wi-fi a couple hours to download this update though.
  • Where are the chest bundles hiding?
  • Ive been playing OMDU on ps4 since it came out and have really been enjoying the game, but i got to say I hate the new UI changes i know a lot of people wanted a bigger UI but i feel like it is waaay too big now, I personally much preferred the old UI to this new huge UI, could you guys please just add a UI size slider on ps4 or at least give us the option of changing back the UI the way it was because this new massive UI is really annoying me
  • I agree with the partner, came to write the same and to leave a demonstration video, I liked the older UI smaller, 

    You could implement both UI, to choose in the menu.

    Can be seen in the video, Is annoying, the message of the trap is very Big, Is annoying when placing the traps.

    I would like to go back the old UI, thanks 
  • deanparkrdeanparkr Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Hmm. Yes that PS4 UI looks troublesome.
  • I'd like a HUD size slider in options, this way everyone can resize it to their liking.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    edited August 2017
    I'm not a PS4 Player but couldn't it be an easy fix if all traps would show the info at the bottom right corner? Even on top of the Unchained Meter, I doubt anyone would want to use Unchain while placing traps.

    The Major problem I see to the current one is that it pretty much just blocks your vision to the point of not even see properly where yo place the traps when using trap/gear of the first slots (to the left of the loadout bar).

    Something like this:

  • The information of the traps could be omitted in options, when you are new in the game,  that information helps, but when you have been playing time, you know the function of all the traps and it is annoying to see that square
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