Ballista supreme

In next patch there is balancing of ceiling traps to make them more competitive to ballistas.
(when I speak about ballistas, I mean ballistas and dragon lancers, because they are same just one is pink :] )
Root cause  of ballista ceiling superiority is its horizontal range. This trap cover so much space that no other can compete. Other traps compete by doing dmg to multiple enemies at once. You just cant place shock zaper above baricade or place it where minions never go. 10 ballistas kill one armored ogre faster than 10 shockzappers. There is much more examples of how larger horizontal range helps. Also I would like to mention that ballistas have endless vertical range, not many other ceiling traps have it too.

There is like two kind of ceiling traps: Direct, nondirect and something between.
nondirects: balisas,
something between: overcharge trap
direct: everything else

As you can see balistas dont have much competitions in her category.
- overcharge have limited use and therefore cant compete balistas at all, its nice trap, and it finds its use but it is not universal trap

Possible solution would be nerf ballistas so much that nobody would pick it, something what happen to Bianca.
I would like to see some kind of alternative to ballistas as ceiling trap with large horizontal attack range.

So my proposition is upgrade lightning rod, since lightning traps are so few and there is not enought traps to do good lightning layout, also lightning rod is very similar to shock zapper.

First option:
- add horizontal range same as balistas
- change it to be high dmg, high price
- remove charges, we need continuous dmg not high spikes
this would make lightning balistas with chainlightning, but it would be easy to implement

- add horizontal range same as balistas
- remove charges, we need continuous dmg not high spikes
- change it - everytime it hit it reduce its cooldown for attack, so it would attack faster and faster - we need something that put single minion down, chainlightnings and explosions after kill are nice to have, but they dont help with single large minion.

- add horizontal range same as balistas
- remove charges, we need continuous dmg not high spikes
- change it so coils would use other coils to extend its range(do you remember prism tower from red alert?)
this would be hard to implement, but it would be legendary

- make it wall/ceiling trap - this would nice universal trap that would find its place ( we had universal traps in OMD2)

Additionally it would be nice if some one fix balistas green field of use. I am not ballistic expert so I would not go something realistic, all I ask if it would reflect actual balistas area of use. Currently in game it is cylinder, but green field show some kind of cone that moves everytime balistas change direction.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I could see how Lightning Rod and Shock Zapper could have half or even a block of horizontal range around them making it atleast 2x2 area. Would make them way more interesting. Specially to compete with the new Overload Trap 3x3 damaging.
  • I would not mind if the Zappers range was a little wider? that would be nice, giving them a little more area if you put them over baracades. I also like the idea of Lightning rods have a much longer range then they currently have.....
  • SmorcMeGoFaceSmorcMeGoFace Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi @Bloodess

    Thank you for your detailed feedback and nice ideas. I really like your thoughts on the lightning traps and I will make sure to share them with the rest of the team.

    Have a good day

    French Community Manager
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