Everyone's Spring Issue

With the current system, I think the core of the issue is the number of other traps competing for spring parts, spring vs coil is a great example. For the RNG to get you 32 springs is hard, and requires many many more rolls due to wasted coil parts, which seem to do about the same buff's

Traps that use springs - 32
Traps that use Coils - 8

Suggestion: Switch a few "Spring" traps to "coil" parts, one way would be to go by elements
Ice - 4 traps (coolant coils?)
Lightning - 3 or 4 counting BGH (coils are actually useful for making lightning)
Overload - 1 (why would it use a spring over a coil? who knows?)
Arcane - 2-3 (why use springs instead of coils?)

Change would make it so that 12 less traps would require springs and coils instead, so both Coils and Spring traps would have 20 competitors for those parts, would balance out the RNG abit and be kinder to players

What few springs we do get never seem to be enough since everything needs a spring


  • Just increase the droprate of springs. I have 460 hours logged on Steam for OMDU; I've unlocked almost everything in the game. But I've never dropped any Charging Spring, one of the best Part available. Not once! Charging springs are the new Combo Generator. :)
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    I like your idea, Robot should either do this, or drastically increase the drop rate of springs because they are so rare that they might as well not exist. It's a pointless part slot.

    I actually have some charging springs but so few that I don't bother to use them.
  • I'm now lvl 99 with only two t6 traps left, i still just barely have enough springs for each trap, mostly short and double, but a few charging. Those mostly came from the 20 or so parts chests I've opened.

    Coils however, I have 8 braided coils, 8 discount coils and 5 self improving coils... essentially maxed out  Sadly, all these coils don't do much for me because they are only for the "odd" traps and hardly anything useful

    Maybe "just" fixing the drop rate will do, but the RNG will still haunt us, and atleast then we could do something useful with the coils.... besides more gibs

    Or maybe making it so a "parts" chest won't give you pieces your maxed out on

  • Springs and coils are functionally equivalent. They could just convert all coil slots/parts into spring slots/parts. They don't need both part types.

    Or they could make coils do something entirely different, like increasing duration of DoT, debuff and buff effects (Web Spinner, Brimstone, Naptha Sprayer, Shield Powerup, Viscous Tar, etc).
  • A developer response would be good.
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