[PS4] x Button

The x button should only be for jumping and not for placing traps or using items. It's not a big problem when you're between waves but the game can be very hectic and sometimes you have to jump to avoid getting killed or jump over to an platform. If there you have an trap or item selected insteadof jumping you place the trap or use the item and fall into the gap :(

so please switch the x button to jumpe only or give us at least an option to disable trap placement with x.


  • If you press L2, it will switch you from any item or trap you have selected and change your selection to your attack. This save you time from scrolling off an item or trap and just selects it directly.

    So it really isn't a problem. If you have an item or trap selected, just hit L2 -> X. and you are fine. No need to scroll through the different things.

    If you mean, X should only be for jump because you didn't realize what you had selected was an item or trap. Well I think that is more an issue of you just being aware of what you're doing.

    You really shouldn't be scrolling through items and traps in the middle of waves anyways. If you need to use an item. Use the direction buttons instead. If you need to place a trap, okay sure scroll through, but that should be a very deliberate choice that you make. To place a trap in the middle of a wave. So you should be very aware of the fact that you have a trap selected.
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