Who is the Riftmaker?

Can we get an answer who actually made the rifts and why?
(would love some answers from the Devs)

Following information are gathered:

- reffered as "She"
- must be older than the Master (Cygnus and Anchesor)
- created Mana Potions
- is most likely Unchained
- still has an Order Map named after her
- has something to do with arcane magic


  • Long ago Orcs and Humans once lived side by side, but something happened and because of this the factions divided, The rift maker created the rifts and took the humans away to a different land. But without the humans, the Orcs and Trolls and Goblins did not know how to properly take care of the land they now live on, like the humans once had known. Orcs and trolls and ogres and the like where and still are more muscle then brain, but the humans were more brain them muscle. Thus once the humans left the homeland of the orcs slowly decayed. But the rifts were still open and they could find a way though the rifts to a land of green, lush life they could start anew. But if they do it is feared that they will only destroy the land as they have done to the old lands. And thus the War Mages protect the rifts to keep the Unchained at bay. 

    (This is most likely not what is happening in the game I just thought it would be interesting and thought I'd post it.)
  • Nice bit of Story there but sadly it does not use a name for the riftmaker or where she is
  • The rift maker is just some kind of deity. Because the friar guardian talks about her. 

    With Yi-Lins bio, it refers to Change' who is also a god. Who has been teased as a hero they are working on. So it could be Change'?

    I think we are never going to get a clear answer.
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  • i was just curious because they reacted weird after i asked for the riftmaker in Orcs after Dark.
    And that they have planned something.
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