how do you deal with patches changing the ability to score?

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Dear OMD!U staff and everyone interested in this question,

I noticed that some changes that are made to OMD!U are changing the players ability to do combos and from that follows they are changing the ability do get good scores. specifically i want to mention the secound slow totem that was taken away from stinkeye and the changes that are going to be made to the floor scorchers in the near future. both are changes that effect at least my team significantly.

it is hard to estimate because we only really started playing for score after the recent stinkeye change but from my experience i would say the diffence in score outcome if we would now play the two versions of the game: I. bevore the last patch 2.3, II. after the next patch 2.4 could easyly be a few millions maybe on a level like crogon keep up to 5 millions. and thats a total guess to the best of my ability.

now that is not to critique the changes in any way. in fact i agree to them. also obviously the game is constantly changing, so it`s likely that future changes will again influenze the ability to combo.

i am just mostly curious what you guys think about this and if there are any plans to adress this issue or to further research on it.

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