celebration fanart

Hi everybuddy,

after our recent successful chaos key i decided to paint a little piece of fanart because the dancing part is the best part of any game!

also i figured, if i could claim that playing orcs must die! had actually made me a better painter, i wouldn`t feel as bad for putting way to many hours into it.

now please be patient with me here and don`t overlook the self-irony in that painting. obviously i know that we are not the best players, which would still be MissMuffins & SeductiveCat and Yakaku and of course SeanPoe, but "#5 Musketine & DasLamm" just wouldn`t look quite as cool.

finally i should give credit where credit is due. you have probably already noticed the background is from "The Wall" and i highly admire the awesome robot artist who designed it! and last but not least, the compositional idea is by the exeptional featured streamer Kefkafish!

so have fun and kill fancier,



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