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with the new titles i noticed a problem in the german version, that probably does not occure in the english version. many of the titles are male and i think nowadays it would be optimal to have either a male and a female version of that title or just choose a gender neutral title.

would be great if you find a solution to that.


  • i am so triggered right now.
    Why are there no gender fluid titles?!?!?!

    Sorry but this is a minor detail and harder to program in different languages.
    "Endloser Schmerzensbringer" has no neutral version.
  • its true, translations are absolutely a minor detail, do you know how to change the language back to english?
  • i think somewhere in the Login screen when you press on Options.
    Never had to change it because Steam sets every game default to english for me.
  • "Endlos Schmerzbereited" would maybe work, but i could not come up with a gender neutral title for "Der Kriegsmagier", "Der Meister" or "Der Spaltlord".

    I once created a game with a friend of mine who is actually female and she beat me up about stuff like that all the time until we did it her way. at first i was really anoyed about that but i now think she actually has a point there and so i figured i should at least bring it up.
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    I see your point but after looking at the titles I have a hard time coming up with gender neutral versions for most. The easiest solution would be to use "Kriegsmagier/in", "KriegsmagierIn" or something along those lines, but that looks quite strange. I will try to see if I can come up with something better and post the results in the German sub forums. I am curious however, if this is also an issue in the other language versions? I speak no French or Russian at all but if I'm not mistaken similar issues might occur with the Spanish titles.
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    should be the following for french:
    magicienne de guerre  (female warmage)
    magicien de guerre (male warmage)
  • Actually, it's been "Mage de Guerre" since OMD1. But the only feminine for "mage" is "magicienne" and "magicienne de guerre" sounds really weird. There are a lot that are difficult to transpose, like "Seigneur de faille" (Rift Lord) which has no feminine equivalent. That's the problem with all those medieval terms: they come from a time when feminism was far from being a thing. :)
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    sashimiak said:
    ... I speak no French or Russian at all but if I'm not mistaken similar issues might occur with the Spanish titles.
    In Russian, while there are indeed grammatical rules to produce feminine versions, nobody really would give a damn, since masculine occupation/title names are dominant still. 
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    Thank you all for chipping in! Given that this seems to be existent for all but the English language version my next question would be: Do you think those titles would be considered offensive in your cultural / linguistic surroundings? It was pointed out to me by a French player that while there are two versions, it would generally be the accepted practice to just use the male version if no specific gender is implied. This used to be the common practice in German too but has been changing in the past decade or so. These days, Germans usually write job titles and things like that in a gender neutral version if possible or they will write both options (e. g. if lion was a job title, a newspaper article would write "The lion/ess works to...")
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  • Thanks for letting us know about this issue with the event title translations! Unfortunately, with only *one* title and no neutral option, we'll have to use a singular option. Using the masculine for all titles seems the best solution since this adheres more closely to general grammatical practice when neutral is not an option.

    @Axony I have removed your comment. I shouldn't have to remind players to treat each other with respect and not derail threads.
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  • removed my comment for using sarcasm? that's a new one.
    I want to keep my right to make fun of everyone (even the weird new things people believe in now)
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  • And there goes PM about never deleting comments ever ;) 

    About Russian language, though I don't play Russian version, most of the games use masculine titles like Blood Mage = Маг Крови, as the mage word doesn't have proper feminine equivalent. If you need some help with translation, don't hesitate to PM me, I can help with that. Sorcerer is another case, as it has both. But I guess you can get away with using Волшебник on females instead of Волшебница. I don't recall the game to ask my gender anywhere... So I assume you can't modify the title based on the player's gender. 
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    this whole thread just reminds me of this image (and yes i know it gets deleted because my opinion is not allowed)

    Note: image has been removed. Your opinions are welcome, inflammatory off-topic memes are not.
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