Chest Prices - Especially Tough Guy.

Why are the prices in chests so different? Like for a normal vanity chest you pay 750 Gold, and thats fine - for the masquerade chest you pay 750 Gold too and thats fine, and for the starter hero chest its obviously cheaper, but why is the Tough Guy chest so much more worth? - I really don't like any skins out of it except Ivy and the legendary color of Ivy - but I won't buy it because of the chance to lose my money and still dont have it. - Is there some way for getting it without testing my (most times bad) luck and pay like 1000 Gold for just the one skin, and 1000 again for the color somehow? - I really dont wanna have to use 5700 Gold just to be unsatisfied in the end.

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    Zethalit said:
    Well. I just bought 3 Chests and got the Ivy and Legendary Color for Ivy. Got some Luck, but I still don't get the chest prices.
    I'd say to inline it with a more lucrative method. If compared to smite, or anything else that has loot crates for that matter, there are usually your normal skins mixed in with otherwise useless items of a common or uncommon rarity to decrease the overall chance you have for getting the item you want. i have no idea how much it costs in a game like smite to pull the desired item from a chest in that game. luck aside, who knows if it is on average 20-30 dollars per chest for the average user to get a premium limited time skin from one of those.  This 20-30 dollars likely is not for all of the premium skins inside of said chest, but maybe 2-3 skins perhaps. I have not played smite in over a year, but i do remember how i would sometimes look at some of the skins that were offered and saw how much, if only in estimates, it would cost. These systems are usually the main attraction for Whales i suppose since it really is the largest way to funnel cash from a player into a free to play game. I would not say that this particular way of doing crates is a gamble, since i do not think there are any repeats here, but if compared to lootcrates in overwatch or anyother game with a replicating item reward through chance, e.g. spending 50 dollars on crates in overwatch for repeated items such as skins of little or no value, you have thrown a large amount of money away for a chance at a desired item.

    Where this game is obviously different is with how in 9 or 7 items, the cost is never greater than 20$. All of the chests, excluding grand vanity, are all priced at a nice price where you will never have an unbalanced reward pulled from your chest. All skins are "cheaper" through this way and your money is never left at a distasteful purchase since you will only get the premium item inside of the chest with no repeats. 20 dollars will get you Skins and dyes, of which you could think of as a greater value the more skins you actually own. You might not get the pull you wanted, but you will always get something of value and it will never repeat, for you can never buy more of a chest than what is inside of it.

    I once spent 12 dollars on a smite for a Steampunk Serqet skin which i liked, but never really bought many other skins, since it did not seem viable for me to buy other 12 dollar or 8 dollar skins for every hero that i played, which this also did not come with the voicepack for said character, since it would make no sense to me. 2 medium tier skins for 24 dollars, or this game's 20 dollars for upwards of 5 skins a chest at least, not including dyes. You may play a long time using those skins, but i am one for variety, and it did not seem like something i could afford out of a game like smite.


  • I'd assume it's to balance out a chest content and price per chest ratio. There are far less things in that chest, meaning you have a higher chance of getting what you want compared to others, hence higher price.
  • Well, Masquerade Chest and the Grand Vanity Chest share the same pricing, but one is for 7 Items, one for somewhat of 36? - 
  • the prices are based on the effort of a skin maybe.
    The Oziel one in Tough Guy looks pretty nice ingame and of higher quality.
  • That would mean all of the other skins dont offer that much quality - and I think thats not quite the fact here. Pretty Little Stitches of Zoey is quite cool - or the skin for Bloodspike in the Grand Vanity Chest. - Every Skin is unique and costs work - but what I still dont get is the different pricing. - It would be way more satisfying to just buy the skins you really want for a fixed price. - But well, its Free-To-Play and theres the hook. Chests are the new hype and sadly they are the big thing in micro transactions.
  • Well. I just bought 3 Chests and got the Ivy and Legendary Color for Ivy. Got some Luck, but I still don't get the chest prices.
  • Well - you got a point there I guess. Like a previous answer here tried to say with balancing the chest prices, you got a valid point here. Never thought bout the Real-Money-Price and how 'cheap' it is compared to other games where microtransactions are the thing. So yeah. I'm somehow glad that they don't use a concept like Overwatch, Elder Scrolls Online and stuff. And I somehow understand why they go with the price they're using now. And well, they also reward you with gold for logins, so I shouldnt even worry 'bout it.

    Thanks for the answers.
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