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Orc Invasion - we got a completely insignificant amount of chests

Unchained Invasion - we got a completely insignificant amount of chests

Endless Summer - we are getting "endless summer chests" which are not endless summer chests because they mostly do not contain skins, which is extremely misleading

Either have events with a reward worth having, or do not have them.

In example, 10X chests would be significant because of the insane grind, or chests with random skins would be significant because there is no way I am gambling real money on them. That should be illegal.
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  • But it's free content.  You don't even have to do anything and you're getting free chests.  I do agree with the skin gamble, I think they should offer the skins in the store for a much higher price so you can decide whether to spend the money and be guaranteed the skin or buy the chests and get other skins/dyes you might like with the possibility of getting the one you want for a reduced price.

    I'm glad they don't reward skins often because that lowers the value of skins, and the game is free-to-play so revenue from skins is important to keeping the game up and running.
  • I can't really fault them for not giving out the skins because that's one of the only ways they make money from the game (the only other thing that probably gets them money is heroes, and you can buy those with skulls).  But I do think they should have named the endless summer event chests something else to make it clear that they were different from the endless summer ones in the shop (assuming that's the case).
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    The devs don't have to make these events and give away free stuff, so please don't whine about events that give you free content.
  • I agree it's free content, but I also agree it's mostly worthless. I'd take chest over skins any day. I can't imagine why people would even pay for skins in this game. At least with RL chest I can boost the amount of Mana wells and defensive power up traps I have. The only thing in this game that's even close to spending money on is a battle pass and maybe a hero. I was having a blast when I 1st started this game, it's slowly starting to fizzle out. The event isn't even an event, you just play as normal and it's called an event.
  • Come on guys... This is not whining, this is feedback. Events are supposed to increase interest in the game for a period of time; make the game feel more alive, and maybe make bored players come back. If the events aren't interesting, what are they for?

    It's easy to say that nobody should complain since it's free; by your logic, we shouldn't complain about anything, since the game is F2P...

    Events are a new thing. Those are the first one, so it's understandable that they're a little underwhelming. But we need to say it so Robot can make further events more interesting. It's true that right now, the rewards are not attractive and the whole thing feels a bit lazy; the events are little more than an abstract progress bar with a mostly insignificant reward at the end, it's not exactly the best argument for playing the game. OMDU is a F2P game and as such, first impression is even more important than for more traditional games. Every time a new player sees something in a F2P game that seems half-baked, their mental score of the game will lower, that's just how it works. You need to be great on all front, or they will go see elsewhere. So less "shut up it's free" and more constructive discussion, please...
  • Sure, everyone can agree the events need to be more in-depth and feel like you're actually completing an event.  The "rewards are not attractive" is just whining.  The last event had people whining that the rewards were just chests and not skins.  Robot listened and made the reward skins.  Now people are whining that it's not their favorite skin from the store or gold. So less "shut up give me more premium content for free" and more constructive discussion about the event itself, please.
  • I have a simple solution for the event rewards. Some people would prefer traps, while others like skins. My solution is to have an event chest for each completed goal that guarantees 1 random skin, 250 skulls, 2 random traps and 1 random trap part. This way everyone gets a little bit of everything.

  • At the moment i'm fine with the rewards of this event but it is unclear what we'll be getting as they are chests. So looking from the completist stand point you may not be able to get everything.

    If the rewards would increase then probably not skins. Since they are something worth gold and gibs. Where either the long term players or payers can get access to at the moment it seems like a good balance. 500g per week in daily bonuses is great.

    I would recommend either small amounts of gold because gold can be spent on anything.
    Or a special event trap which you could gain more of over the course of the event slowly upgrading it based on your performance. For example top 10% 10 trap pieces. That way you could reuse content but also reward your players with more stuff.
  • If you settle for crap rewards, you'll get crap rewards. None of this is whining. You have the fanboy crowd who is happy with anything, and you have the crowd that sees these events as login in and getting  a reward for it. At the moment these events arent  events, they are log in and get a "reward". If you settle without providing feedback, this is what you get. Keep providing feedback and let the devs know that bare minimum isn't gonna cut it. There's to many of these "free" games to settle for fanboy bare minimum.
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    Guys, we appreciate both the defense of the status quo and the constructive criticism. Both are feedback. You are welcome to voice your opinions so long as they remain constructive (which, I'm happy to say, they mostly have been so far in this thread). So keep the feedback coming but please don't attack each other if you disagree!
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  • A double chest weekend perhaps?  ( from all game modes including the shop)

    or perhaps an event only currency with its own event only shop ( amount contribution = amount rewards ) , so players can choose what  they want ( skins or traps) with a liitle less on the RNG side (most chests becomes gibs anyways)

    ... just throwing out random ideas
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    After having received the first chest I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. It contained this for me. It literally some of the best (funniest) vanity items I have so far. Beach bod light orcs ftw for realsies.

  • Gorkster said:

    Yep we all got the same ones.
  • So then, I'm guessing the other 3 chests will be filled with titles, banners and profile icons?

    If so, then I'm a bit sad :(
  • In retrospect, considering that the GRAND PRIZE for the event is a new skin, it'd be really silly for the non-grand prizes to also include skins.
  • Correct -- each event chest has a set of vanity items, and the grand prize is that sexy Max skin :)

    These community event chests have set rewards that will be the same for everyone, one set of rewards for each goal. 
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  • sooo... and we on ps4 got the Background and the title as well as 2500 skulls because we have no avatars? too bad, they look awesome xD
  • Ps4 can use every avatar they want, sounds way better to me
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    At least make 1 or 2 spots random. Random rare part or rare trap.

    And super-duper low chance of getting a random skin. This one can be used in every chest. Or in those chests you want to sell more than others) Dota 2/CS GO and Swtor can be a great examples of how random box mechanics can get you tons of money. People like lottery for some reasons. 

    EDIT: Swtor even had random boxes drops from another random boxes)
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    but everyone hates the Cartel market and their random Hypercrates ;)

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