after lvl 100

hi ! i'm lvl 100 and all my traps are tier 7 ! i love this game but i have no challenge exept sabotage because i don't need chest and gibs ! and i find that many player stop play OMDU when they have this lvl ! 

is it possible to work for this ? 

-lvl 100 is not gave for all and a title for this rank is an idea ! 
-a new mode where you can win exclusive item (skin, or other) only if these condition are a available 

thank's for your help ! 


  • Yes, It would be nice to have something else to farm/upgrade once you hit ,,all trap t7,, point. You can play chaos trial, I like this end game stuff, but you will have same results with same equip. There is no way to get better prepared(maby you learn new trick, but no new weapon, no new trap). This would not hit many players, but it would be nice for those dedicated in this game. Many games I played have some kind of finish line for lvl, but still have plenty of stuff to do/gain. For example paragon lvls in Diablo, or seasons, where you going from 0 to gain some extra stuff. Starcraft2 added some stuff for lvling coop past 90.
    Yes reward is neccessary for keeping people focus.
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    Keep grinding and in another year you may get empty pockets trophy or achievement. 

    Edited to include achievement name.
  • or maybe add the option to create customs lobbies with certain modifiers.
    Custom Sabotage lobbies.

    Or (and i know that people don't want to hear it) custom siege lobbies where you can play siege again with the current heroes.
  • would be nice to see gibs or skulls exchange to gold even with mad rate.

    also Deals in shop could be reworked. "There're no currently no offers avalaible that you dont already own" Really? Sell me smth else pls. Like parts or rare sabo consumables.

    Have no idea what to do with hundreds of thousands skulls.
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