smoke overdrawing windows at banquet

Northeast room, before the windows break where the orcs come through the smoke behind it renders over the windows like they are not there.


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    A Screenshot would be awesome since it sounds like a quite specific place and an specific observation angle.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment

    Is this what you are referring to?
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  • Yes and it doesn't need to be a specific angle to look at it. And I would have appended a screenshot if possible but you can only link them.
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    I have passed this along to the team, thank you! If you ever want to share an image on the forums in the future, linking them as an URL is fine. Alternatively, you can click on the little image icon above the message box, pick the image you want to share and then upload it and share it: 
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  • Sorry but drag and drop doesn't work and there is also no button to upload an image. Probably the benefits of being a Community Manager.
  • Upload to imgur. Then right click, copy image address.

    Then you ctrl V (paste) into the image box
    sashimiak said:
    So yep we cannot upload. We have to upload it to another site and then put the link in here.
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    Apologies guys, I didn't know the uploading was moderator exclusive! And thank you for the instructions Effing. 
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