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Is it possible to see what parts are used  in which trap when i am in the "workshop/traps" menu? Presently i have to pick every trap, choose "upgrade" and only then i can see using parts. Or this way: in "parts" menu when i choose part i can see in which traps this part is used.


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  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello! I must have overlooked this post back when you first made it, apologies. There is currently no way other than the one you describe to see which parts are in a trap. However, many players have shared ideas for features around this with us and the team is looking at different possibilities for the future.
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  • When you are viewing the part and there is a display of the traps where it is possible to install, would it be to much to ask to have the tiles with the traps where that part is already installed framed, grayed out or highlighted in some other way?  Just some indication as to which traps currently already have that part installed would be very nice.

  • Even if we can't modify parts at different screens, I'd love to be able to mouse over a trap in the loadout window pre-match to at least see what parts are currently equipped before confirming.
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