Smoulder Art

I recently started playing OMDU and decided to use Smoulder for a composition exercise.  Thought I'd at least share it with some people who might like it.  Enjoy!


  • SemiFantasticSemiFantastic Member
    edited September 5
    Her bust size doesn't seem right. Too small.

    Other than that stupid joke. Amazing work!

    Mind if I post this on reddit if you haven't already? (If so, just give me your handle, don't want to post a random picture without giving credit!)  Might attract more players (Probably for the wrong reasons, but hey, that's life!)
  • Your color is good... but something seems... off...
  • @SemiFantastic
    Sure, go ahead and post it on reddit.  I don't use reddit myself, but if you want to give me credit you could link my DeviantArt page I guess?

    Let me know if you can figure out which element is troubling you.  There are things I know I screwed up?  For example, Smoulders forarms and hands are usually on fire, so it's atypical in this picture for them not to be?  Second, she's frying the Unchained, not the Order.  Third, I spelled her name wrong I guess?  It's 'Smolder' not 'Smoulder'.  Forth, her hair is more of her concept art hair and not her in-game hair.  Fifth, her skirt isn't accurate. The front piece is fine but she's lacking the side and back pieces (this is so I could get a better gratuitous butt-shot).  Let me know if you figure out what element is bugging you, would be interested to know.
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