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We all know that late game players have nothing else to go for once they have everything, from traps, parts and to heroes etc.

So I have an idea: The ability to make custom traps. 

Once you have reached level 100. You can start making custom traps using your gibs.
It would use a simple 3 part type creation:
Its base trap mechanic:
You choose which from the list of some of the original traps for its base.
Say I choose the balista. 

Its damage type:
So you can decide if it deals lightning, fire, ice, arcane, or physical. 
I add ice

Its upgrade type:
You choose from refire-rate, damage, buff/debuff duration etc. 
I choose debuff duration. 

So now I have an Ice balista that doesn't do much damage but has increase freeze time.
Even buff traps. Buff trap base + Fire damage + damage upgrade = adds fire damage to the player, each upgrade also increase its damage buff. 
Or Haymaker base + ice damage + debuff duration = A haymaker that not only knockbacks, but adds chilled debuff. 

Once you have a custom trap. You can only find the cards on rift lord or gib chests

I know that it might stop from making new official traps for the game. It's almost sounds like a replacement really. But hey, its my idea. 
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  • There were elemental versions of traps in the alpha game like Fire or arcane spikes.
    They got removed for balance reasons: arcane spikes and coursed ground have the same role and arcane spikes would make coursed ground irrelevant (except for Ancestor)
  • I myself would just like to see them allow for Trap Skin Chests to be opened when you t7 said trap you can spend gold on a really cool skin for that trap that you can lock in and make your t7 trap look like that skin instead of the Bright Colorful skin, it can look awesome and pointy or something.
  • sounds fun :)

  • maybe the possibility to choice freely the element we want to put in a trap would be nice too :)
    i'd love the possibility to put 3 spring in my traps 
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