Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)



  • But how great are they without ivy spamming the knockback?
  • xciencexcience Member, Early Access

    they were a lot better for the game when they targeted the players rather than the barricades.

    in their current state (if they were left to target cades) they should also have an additional component where they are agroed  very easily by nearby heros.  in this way if your standing behind the barricades you could have the ability to kite them somewhat  before they reach the barricade or even thought the cades a bit .

    to be clear I hate this change and it has the potential to just drive me away from the game entirely. on its own it wont but its if enough of these antifun changes happen ill just .... move on because of them.

  • HypovolemicHypovolemic Member
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    My preference would be to revert the change. It's pretty harsh as is.
  • Fire fiends are ridiculously overpowered now. Barricade destroying enemies were already ridiculously overpowered on Rift Lord because they can instantly destroy maxed out barricades with parts and using the wall building trait.
  • Please keep them as they are atleast for sabotage.
    They were never a problem because you could just ignore them and now that they actually do something people are just complaining.

    I can see the same topic once the Gnoll grenadiers are fixed in their pathing.
  • LorelleLorelle Member
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    Yea, as I play more and more stages with fire elementals, I really gotta say this is one of the most ridiculous things ever.  There's like, no other minion that remotely compares to them now.  Try playing Endless in most cases and these things come in such ridiculously huge numbers that there's nothing you can do about them and any barricades are forfeit (and again, you don't even get any warnings about them. Not that a warning would help because that's like knowing the exact weight of that Rhinoceros that's about to crush you)

    That includes sabotage too.  If a minion is a billion times more overpowered than another minion to use in that game, then that's a clear sign that it's... well, overpowered.  And it makes Sabotage devolve into even more of a luck-based match than usual when it comes down to a "Who can draw the ridiculously overpowered fire elemental card?" game.
  • The best way to deal with firelings on regular rift lord is simply not barricade near them. I've messed around with different kill-boxes and every level with firelings you can setup a barricade-less kill-box, it wont get you the highest score by any means but if you're just going for 5 stars it doesn't matter.

    On throne room you can barricade the south part of the map (4 barricades is all you need), build your kill-box around the entrance to the kitchen and use your killbox/guardian in the kitchen to deal with the firelings before they ever get near your critical barricades. You will have to deal with the gnome-sappers but you can build directly in their spawn and kill them long before they get near your barricades on the south side.

    The only scary wave for firelings with this way is on wave 9, but as long as you have a strong killbox on the south entrance you should be fine, this gate spawns a lot of fire elementals but nothing is coming out of the north right away so you can safely focus your hero's damage there.

    As a fun fact, firelings despite being a literal ball of fire, do not have fire armor, so you can use floorscorchers and brimstone and the like and they are also excellent at dealing with firelings
    Also a keynote that ceiling balista are basically the best trap in the game and they absolutely demolish firelings, so even if you dont have any cost reduction the 1800 coin is absolutely worth it for easy dealing with fire elementals and firelings.

    Of course, the other option if you find your traps cant deal enough damage or are under-leveled on your account is too simply throw barricades at them, drop a couple dummy barricades (Not next to each other) around the map and let them blow up on those while protecting your important barricades, personally i don't recommend this as then you have less money for killing stuff and you might run into par time issues. The only time i would do this is specifically as part of a strategy, or you know the cost of throwing barricades at a problem will be less than setting up something to kill the problem, example is on eventide fortress there is two waves that have 3 kobold sappers that come out of the right gate, and setting up a sacrifice barricade for each wave is all you need to deal with that problem

    Hope this helps at all, and as a disclaimer, this is only for regular rift lord, strategies for sabotage, endless or chaos trials are different
  • WarlokWarlok Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
    I might dramatically lower the damage Firelings do to Barricades, or allow them to damage Barricades only up to X point in Hits... fire only taking down such barriers so far.

    I remember the Firelings in OMD 1 & 2. I liked them more there when they chased *you*. I agree that currently Firelings are an enemy you cannot really play against if you have deployed Barricades. Unfair foes; most fearsome creature in the game (!).

    Easy fix (though not quite desired): Barricades cost 75% more to place, but are now invulnerable.

    Don`t know... something needs to be done about them.
  • ShadeDev said:
    Well, it was an intended "fix".  They were always intended to work this way.

    HOWEVER, it sounds like the "fix" made firelings much less fun and too hard to deal with.  We obviously don't want that to be the case.

    Currently, we are thinking of lowering their speed/health and making only 1 spawn from a fire elemental.  What are your thoughts on this change?

    Alternatively, we are considering reverting the "fix" to firelings.
    Haven't played in a while, but quick thought:    

    You have an opportunity for two types of opponent here. The first is the default fire elemental and firelings as they were before. The second is (minor color tint/rename) the volatile fire elemental and volatile fireling(s), who behave more like your proposed changes (and perhaps a small explosion on death for the volatile fire elemental). Just a quick passing $.02!
  • I stopped playing the game, until the next patch. I just don't want to waste my time on this. Level with fire elementals on high level of CT = lost key. You just can't play against that. To people who are telling that it is the only way to win Sabotage: Do you really need that Press x to win button so much? 
  • I stopped playing the game, until the next patch. I just don't want to waste my time on this. Level with fire elementals on high level of CT = lost key. You just can't play against that. To people who are telling that it is the only way to win Sabotage: Do you really need that Press x to win button so much? 
    Do you really enjoy a 15min Sudden Death?
    Everyone is complaining about the smallest increase in difficulty.
    Maybe they should remove Fire Elementals and Bombers so you can sit afk in your killbox and sleep.
  • xciencexcience Member, Early Access

    I think its quite hilarious that thinking the change to one unit was the panacea to fix sabotages ultimate weakness( and reason I don't play it) sudden death. It may have some merit that having an additional barricade breaker helps but that's not the issue. the issue is fire elementals spawn were unique in that they spawned player hunters that went boom and could still hurt barricades(essentially walking grenades that followed the player). it would have been a better choice if they made earth or ice elementals target cades and attack them manually with their spawn.

    I have adapted my game play to deal with the stupid fire elemental spawns; do or die. Do I think its a fun change that added more positivity to the game?  No I do not. They make high level CT pointless. And oddly enough in their original incarnation they still were a threat in high level CT anyway due to they may just hunt you down and kill you. CT was the solo or coop players chance to experience sabotage randomness without the bullshit gambling for a game wining spell in overtime. Now I struggle to find a game that seems like its more fun than work T7 and above in CT.

    im not even going to get started on how dumb it is that the spawn still happens when the elemental is thrown off a cliff...........

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