Survival - Match finding

AisaAisa Member
edited September 2017 in Suggestion Box

I suggest that there is an option where you can choose if you want to play any map (or any map of a certain level) or if you want to play a specific map. This would prevent loosing to much time when you just want to play any survival map but help to play a specific map in a team (without the need of establishing a group first). 

I think this would make the game even more fun :)


  • It's a good idea, the problem is that it would drastically increase queue times.  Instead of the matchmaker waiting to make a team of 3 for any map, the matchmaker now has to wait to try to make a team of 3 for a specific map.  Also for people who are willing to play any map, it would force them to search the queue in every single map trying to find people to play with.
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