Level of dropped Chaos Key

In the patch notes 2.4, it states:
  • Lower difficulty Chaos Keys will drop on average.  This does not affect players level 55+.
My level account is 55+, and I experienced this:
- Before the patch, when I got a chaos key from doing survival, it always has the same level. I got apprentice key when doing apprentice level, war mage key from war mage survival level, etc.
- After the patch, I got Rift Lord key after doing apprentice level. Happens twice.

Question, is this intended? Are players with 55+ level will always got Rift Lord key from now on?
And I don't quite understand what "drop on average" means. In my case, I never got lower difficulty of chaos keys.

Thank you in advance for any answers/feedback :)


  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    Yep, this is intended.  Chaos Keys now drop based on your account level, rather than the difficulty you are playing.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • I didn't understand what this meant from the patch notes, but now that I do I'm glad that was a change.  Getting lower difficulty key drops I wouldn't use was one of the big reasons I don't play some Endless maps.  And higher levels that still want lower tier keys can always buy them with gibs.
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