Banquet Hall Barricades Bug

Hey, just noticed there is bug that prevents me to place barricades where I want to because I will "block the path". Placing the barricades there would not block the path, they still would have many ways to go around and the funniest thing is that placing the barricades there is recommended by loading screen xD
Please fix that, its really gamebreaking.


  • You can place barricades there. Did it today.

    You must have had barricades else where blocking this from being placed. Since the system will stop you from blocking off all ways to the rift. Another circumstance would be if you have made an area of the map enclosed by barricades so if minions get inside they will be stuck and start smashing. They will try and prevent this by stopping you from doing so.
  • Those 3 barricades were the first ones I placed and were the only traps on the map. The ghost orcs were running around like retarded. Restarting the game didn't fix it, but closing the match and starting it again did. Still needs to be investigated.
  • Where? screen shot pls.
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