Give Smolder an improved artwork

Smolder was my favourite hero ever since I started playing back in old times, where Siege was still a thing. However, there's one problem I see with her. Her artwork. It just looks bad compared to others, and it actually doesn't look much like her! This picture of her, that appears once you choose her as a hero to play/win the game looks very good, and she actually does look like her ingame model.
But this thing here? Her hair doesn't look like it is supposed to, not just because of it seemingly being in motion there, but because it's drawn so differently from what Smolder's hairstyle actually is in both her basic apperance, but also in Kill-Auea and Five-Alarm Femme. Not only that, but her face looks as if it wasn't Smolder. It doesn't give us that something that Smolder has in herself. The only way I can actually recognize her from that is because she has flames surrounding her arms and because of her outfit. 

My suggestion is to give her a brand new artwork for the workshop, or if that's possible just edit the one that we're already using. If Robot decides to go for a brand new artwork, she perhaps could have more seducing or fierce pose, to fit her character more. I hope that this suggestion manages to be passed along to the team and one day Smolder will bathe in the land of wonderful artworks that you guys manage to create for characters such as Deadeye, Yi-Lin or Gabriella.


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Theetis,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding Smolder's artwork, I will share it with the team.

    French Community Manager
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