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Hello, i just want to ask if in the future you will bring some new badge packs ( likes the ones in the past : red-blue-yellow badges and all the content they brought with them ). And also if you forsee any new content in the premium shop. Thx


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    Hey there! To answer your first question, we are currently not planning on releasing any new badge packs as they were part of our "founders pack perks". For the premium shop there is nothing we can share for the immediate future but it's definitely a possibility. Were you thinking of anything specific you would really like to see or think is lacking?
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  • Well to be honest i expected that backplates and the new avatars that came with the last patch to be much more original, instead they were just some remakes from older omdu versions( hope you dont mind me saying this but it came as a big dissapointment after watching the devs live stream because they were emphasizing how great all the new content was, something that was not 100% true. Great? Maybe. Original? No). Now, i understand that these are for everyone and not only for players that have lots of gibs, thats why im asking about the premium shop because it could use some new and original avatars and backplates. The ones that the premium shop already has are great, but i for one feel the need to have rare things thats why i dont even use the backplates/avatars/titles that the summer patch brought. Also the premium shop skins are great, nice work done there btw, but as time passes and new players get to higher lvls and start getting more and more gibs the "premium" characteristic of the skins and avatars start to dissapear because now everyone has them. So maybe it would be a good ideea to change them once every 2-3 mounths just to be sure that the ones that bought them have that exclusive feeling. 

    Also i want to congratulate the team that came with the premium shop ideea, the parts and trap chests are great, the skins and avatars are great but in my opinion high lvl players should get more of the premium feeling that should come with lv100 lets say. 

    Thank you for your fast response
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    I'm sorry to hear that they weren't what you were looking for. Your idea for exclusive or limited time items in the premium shop is certainly something I can pass along to the team. I am usually a collector myself in the games I play so I see where you are coming from in wanting more "special" items. And thank you for the compliments regarding the premium shop, I will pass that along aswell! 

    For the premium items, would you prefer somethig that is, like you mentioned, a limited time offer or would e. g. more expensive (gibs-wise) premium skins or items earned via difficult achievement also be something you are interested in?
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  • This is the first time that my feedback is answered in such a prompt manner. Thank you for that. I feel that my opinion matters.

    I would like to see skins that require more gibs to unlock, but they should also be available for a limited time. Skins/avatars/ backplates should be available for a limited time in the premium shop and the rest should be always available, like the parts and trap chests. Skins for other than the starting heroes could be nice, there are some heroes that could use some new skins like tundra, smolder, oziel, deadeye etc.

    And again many of the "new" skins are just imported from older versions of the game. For example the blackpaw gnoll skin is from omd 1 or 2 i dont know exactly but its not something i would call original. Its nice but not original.
    But i understand that much work needs to be done to get to the point that im talking about.  ( here is where a new badge system could fit perfectly)

    Also more opinions are needed on this matter

    Also i would like to add that given the amount of work needed to make new avatars and backplates it would be a shame to waste that time on just remaking some old ones from last omdu versions( i found this while i was doing some research about the siege mode-which was absolutely great and i am very sad that i cant play it anymore).

    As a personal suggestion you may find a lot of inspiration in anglo-saxon mithology and northen- european mythology(hogarth maybe), also etymology is always a good source of inspiration for example latin and old english. 

    Thank you again and keep up the good work !

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    Somebody recently mentioned on the OAD stream that they would love to see some more "serious" skins and skins based around northern european mythology certainly would fit in well with that. Regarding designs that are based on OMD 1 and 2, those are mostly done because the team often gets asked by fans of the older series to bring those back. Many of the "vets" have a favourite design they would love to see make a come back so the team makes a lot of those. But of course new ideas like yours are also always appreciated! Let's see what else the community will come up with  =) 
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  • i totally agree with that, i also want to see all the skins from older version brought back to life, they were great. Also the blackpaws gnoll skin si great, really great, but personally im a bigger fan of serious skins not "circus" ones. Just imagine a war mage dressed in a ballon costume fighting a horde of orcs... That just doesnt work in my opinion.
     Regarding the "founder pack badges" im playing this game for 93 days now but from what i heard a lot of old players that got the badges are not palying anymore. Maybe there are some new ones that would love to take their place as "master/ rift lord mages" just an ideea.

    thank you again for this conversation and i hope that the community would care to join this topic as well. 
    Best regards
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