Setting up trap parts for different type of game play.

When playing different types of game play one likes to set up different parts. Charging springs are better for sabotage and double springs for endless, for example. When I set up a trap set, I would like to pick my traps and parts that go into them. But I have to go to the workshop and manually find each resonator and spring. Doing this again and again is extremely tiresome. Could you make the setup more advanced. So I can setup my trap set with the parts I want in one setting and another trap set, with maybe the same traps but different parts in them. Making my gaming experience a whole lot simpler and easier. And even when I start a game and pick my traps. I can also pick the parts at the same time. So that if I own 7 double springs, 7 charging and 7 short springs. I will have no problem setting up my trap set. Hope this is simply explained and understandable and hope you will continue improving the game so us gamer can have more fun and less frustration. Cheers.
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