Suggestion on Dashboard UI

First off, thumb up :+1: to the person(s) that in charge for the Dashboard UI.
I like the improvement, and bugs are being fixed. The new dialog startup for daily reward, windowed dashboard now centered properly in multi monitor setting... simple things that work perfectly :)

So anyway. I have several suggestions to add more improvements. I take one step further to put my idea into it.

Part-to-Trap Filter

This has been suggested by others though, and I agree this would make it easier for us to change parts. Something to filter out like a checkbox looks good.

"Hmmm, which one from this 32 traps has my precious spring part?"

"Aah, here you go"

Trap-from-Part Sort

Still related to parts, putting a part into which traps is also needle-in-the-haystack. Perhaps can be improved by greyed out traps if its slot is not yet available.

"Time to try new strategy. Where should I put it? Spike Wall looks nice.."

Perhaps a disadvantage: "have trap, but slot not yet available" and "don't have trap" are both colored grey.
But from the part point-of-view, there is no difference. Cannot put this part into those anyway.

More Info in Avatar/Title/Background

Currently, avatar/title/backgrounds can be obtained either by default, bought by gibs, and from rewards (achievement or event). My suggestion is to put small icon on the top right to indicate where it came from. Gibs icon if it bought from premium store, or reward icon if it came from reward. As a plus, we can hover it to show brief description.

"I forgot, how I got this avatar again?"

Same ideas with the titles and backgrounds.

More Info in Friend List

I personally play more with people from friend list than from guild. Maybe this information can be added to friend list:
- account level, then I know whom should I invite when I want to play random game / low-level / high-level
- last login, e.g. to clean up those who hasn't shown up for 2 months
Similar information is available on the guild member list, so put it in the friend list should be possible.

"I haven't played with my brother for a while. What level is he anyway?"

Achievements List Sort

Right now the achievements list is sorted alphabetically. If the uncomplete achievements are put on top, easier for us to focus only on those.

"Hmmm. Combo Quest... too hard. Improvised Weapons... too long. Ok Skill Shots today."

That was it. I hope at least one of them can make it to the future update :D
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