Dobbin Stutter

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I have encountered a weird bug while playing Dobbin on the Orcatraz map today. Around the 7th wave the character started stuttering. Normally I'd have blamed such an issue on the internet quality (which wasn't the issue otherwise, the game continued fluidly), however in this case it looked more like Dobbin's pack colliding with something.

I'm including a link to a short video I captured with my phone to showcase the issue (sorry for the quality and all, didn't have time to update my OBS lately). Notice the sparks falling from Dobbin's pack and the weird motion of the hammer.

Edit: Some of the time the character was touching the ground while moving, while sometimes he'd run slightly above the ground level.


  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment

    Hello Narkh,

     Thank you for playing Orcs must Die! Unchained and for taking the time to notify us of this!

     Reviewing this clip, it might be possible that some possible latency did occur here, but we'd like to investigate this further with our QA teams to be sure! We will forward over this match and map information with the clip you have made for additional review, and preform some additional testing, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you do encounter similar errors, we would encourage you to submit a ticket with us directly as with the match or error details- and we can look in to these with your account details to assist you directly!

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