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So I'm going to write out my first impressions of the game, as someone who has been playing for all of 3 days.

Apprentice level missions are a barren wasteland of no one playing.  I've solo'd every map I can solo when I get tired of my "find match" timer hitting 20+ minutes.  Not all the maps can be done with just one person no matter how clever I try to be with my barricades.  The trap cap, limited time between waves, and gold generation don't help with that at all.  So... soloing grinding basically means doing the same couple of maps repeatedly. 

Global chat isn't welcoming to new people.  Hey... I get it... you got past your grind when the game had more new players so you "don't see a problem m8" as I've been told in the global chat multiple times.  "Just solo grind till you hit level 30 bro don't join war mage below 30" "Matchmaking works in apprentice, use it and stop crying"... here's an idea... if you don't see a problem, m8... queue up for an apprentice game.  Play 20 games that way then take an average of your wait times... don't look at the average wait time supplied by the game... I've never once had it come near that mark, it lies. Better yet... make a new account before you do that so you are working without all the fancy traps... you'll still have a significant advantage through game knowledge but it will level the field a little bit to give you a taste of what low level content is like now that the queues are empty.

If the playerbase isn't willing to engage with and teach newer players... the game really will die... eventually the trickle of new people making it past the wasteland of low level content won't surpass the numbers of people who have been playing for a long time and have finally gotten burned out.  People play games to have fun.  It isn't fun to grind through a team game solo, especially when most of the maps have multiple lanes that need to be guarded and trapped.  

Another common argument that has been thrown at me run along the lines of "just ask in chat" and "make some friends."  Well ok... lets talk about that.  How do you make friends in an online game if no one is playing in your level?  Magic?  Asking in chat for friends and people to play with doesn't seem very productive.  My favorite was the guy who asked me why I would ever play low level content when I could just grind high level content.  That's some mensa level problem solving right there.  Asking in chat nets nothing.  I've been doing it for 3 days.  Everyone who decides to start an argument with me is quick to point out that there are lots of helpful people willing to play with me.  Where?  Obviously the people who had time to start an argument with me can't be counting themselves in that number, since all they seem to want to do is toss weak arguments at me when they could have proved their own point by offering to join me when I asked for people to play with INSTEAD of starting an argument.  Things that make you go "hmm"

Super fun  Massively boring... I've managed to grind myself up to level 15 now playing alone but I'm nearing my threshold for patience with the behavior of people in game toward new players.  Even though war mage is now open to me... the community apparently feels I should gtfo of war mage maps because of my trash traps (better traps come from war mage chests so great logic there) and not knowing all the little strategies their friends taught them.  Did I mention when you solo everything there is no one to teach you anything?  Amazingly... when you play alone you develop solo strategies based on your own constant failures so you don't learn anything about all the "meta" strategies that trash like me deserve to be kicked for... not to mention playing solo means you are constantly scrambling to keep up and can't always see how well any strategy you are trying to devise is working.  Reading guides and youtube vids will only get you so far.

Wanna know why I wrote such a long post?  I was waiting in apprentice queue the entire time I typed this up. Thought it would be appropriate, but I'm still in queue and I've run out of fluff and run-on sentences.  Avg Time: 2:36 Elapsed Time: 24:16


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    Try playing OMD 1 and 2. You will find that it is a much much more enjoyable experience because of the more friendly and sane progression system instead of trap-gated (upgrade, availability, parts) contents of what we have in OMDU. You can't play how you want in OMDU because of those limitations and the tight time limit forces you to only one boring strategy.

    Most guides in youtube are also outdated guides when minion spawns and pathing were much easier; now you need at least two players to complete the maps with minimal trap upgrades. Most obvious one is the lavaling update, without the reinforced struts part (requiring lv 7 barricade) and wall phd, 2-3 lavalings will destroy 1-2 cades instantly.

    And to add some constructive feedbacks, maybe the devs could give special chests where when players cleared all the maps in specific tier with 2/3/5 stars they are given a chest that contains minimal amount of all traps/parts of that/next tier. This way people would at least have something to tackle the next difficulty tier.
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    I don't know, I just queued for Apprentice as lvl 100 and got a match with 3 people in 2 seconds. Literally instant pop.

    What time do you play and what region?

    I have seen many rude players on the global chat but also a lot of low level parties being formed there and a lot of high lvl people posting things like "inv me I help with anything" and similar. 

    If you want to learn stuff you can always watch youtube too, there are many channels with the walkthough of all levels.

  • Eh. I see that a lot of people who play this game mostly just because they want someone to play with. Which doesn't work well when we have such a small community of players. 

    For me, I play it because I like it. Not because I want to find someone to play with. That's how I got to lvl 100 in 3 months without spending any money. I enjoyed the game, so I just kept playing. The progression isn't that slow when you actually dedicate your time with it, it helps if you do enjoy the game. By the time you've realised it, you'd be at a satisfying level and you wouldn't even notice it like me.
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    Hey there, sorry to hear about your experience. May I ask if you play on PS4 or PC and what timezone you are in? 
    German Community Manager
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