So, among everyone who plays this with me, we all came to the same conclusion separately, we need to know how the other team suddently just went 25-0 and lost the game! Were the suicide kobolds dropping 'nades? The pride hunters did them in? WE MUST KNOW!

And by that i actually mean a replay feature in the game. This would be a really important quality of life improvement for the game. It's important to know what the other dudes did that made us lose the game and what we could've done to actually win instead of that humiliating defeat we just suffered.

Thanks for your time to read this and please, POOLEEZE take it into serious consideration. WE MUST KNOW!


  • THat is a real need , I want to see the mess we create.
  • I agree. A post game replay feature would be useful. Support +1
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Maybe you are the one that needs to get the priorities straight ;)
  • way to much work for the small community that plays sabotage.
    I personally only have time as a range or mostly as a Support to focus on the tactical screen and watch the minions go and coordinate our team cards.
    (i would love to see the loosing wave for the enemies in a replay though)
  • There was an awesome implementation of this in Halo 3.  It would save every action that occurred in the game to a file and the viewer would let you move the camera around as you wanted to view and save clips.  In the end, though, they had to invalidate the old playback files every time they patched - so it left a feeling that it didn't quite work.

    The simplest implementation I can think of would be to position a fixed camera in the rift room and record that.  But it would be an extra burden on the server and wouldn't include the primary kill box on many maps.

    I like the idea; but it just sounds like too much to ask for.
  • I enjoy playing sabotage with my son.  I think I've mentioned it before in the suggestions forum, but this game mode would be much more compelling if you could watch a mini-map replay of the losers last wave for games where they lose all their rift points.  "Mini-map replay" means the same view you see when you press the touch pad.

  • RedRover said:
    There was an awesome implementation of this in Halo 3.  It would save every action that occurred in the game to a file and the viewer would let you move the camera around as you wanted to view and save clips. ...
    Paragon also has this (F2P game on PS4).  Very nice feature that lets you see everything that was occurring in the game.
  • Someday... when sabotage gets more popular lol.

    Right now only a handful really plays it. I'm thinking that the devs are either trying to revamp it to make it more appealing and enjoyable for everyone else who hated it or they're busy trying to make a new mode. So they can't really add new features like these on a gamemode that isn't wildly popular. The only thing they can add are new playable maps and consumables, which are a lot easier to do.
  • I feel the only reason Sabotage is not so popular is because compared to other mods like survival its got a very low chest and skull reward table thus not great for the trap upgrade grind ... otherwise I find it great fun.
  • Most poeple don't like Sabotage because they have no idea that this gamemode is about delaying minions and not killing them fast.
    Spike Spam might work on low level Sabotage maps but not vs high rank people.
    I watched a few PS4 people on twitch and their killboxes were... weird. And most of them said that they never had a Sudden Death while on PC 80% of my games are Sudden Death (and i can see it in the Loading screen if it's going to be Sudden Death).

    but back to topic: would be awesome to see a replay of the winning round but it seems that the tactical screen is all we get until sabotage gets more popular (dunno how they will make it more popular).

    Please don't just add more skulls to Sabotage that I only have to play against/with low level people who never played this mode.
  • Well adding more rewards wont populate the game mode with only new players , but new players are what will create a base for a grown player base.

    Anyway the more there are filling the ranks looking for a game the better the matching will be, now its prety mutch a choice of well all 50 ish peeps at a time looking or something ... 
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