Getting some massive frame drops.

Guys I was away from OMDU for a while and ever since I've come back I am occasionally getting massive stuttering or sometimes the game will just stop altogether for a moment or two. I never used to get this sort of problem before, the game was continually running at 60 fps for me and my frame rate hasn't changed in doom or overwatch which makes me fairly certain the problem is in OMDU itself. I can generally ignore it and let the traps do the work but this week's weekly challenge only served to highlight how severe the problem has gotten. I suspect the problem is related to lightshafts.  I noticed when I was running baths the map looked different, almost hazy? Then I realized there were lightshafts coming down from above. I tried to toggle them off but nothing happened, they remained. I'm on a radeon card which handles the nvdia-centric code for god-rays badly. I noticed that when I toggle light shafts off they don't actually go away. The toggle does nothing. I'm fairly certain that the reason that this week's challenge is all but unplayable for me is the fact that the map now has so many lightshafts in the dining hall. If you guys could look into this, I would appreciate it. Also does anyone know if there's a way to actually disable the lightshafts like via the ini files or something? It's not that I can't click the button, it's that whether the checkmark is ticked or not the lightshafts are there. If I'm wrong in my guess and what I'm seeing is simply a transparent texture then something else that was changed is causing me a lot of trouble.

(Not trying to spam this, just think i posted it in the wrong place before.)


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    Hey there, sorry to hear about your trouble. Since we haven't seen any other reports that sound similar to this issue (at least non that I can remember), could I ask you to submit a ticket please? (!/en/support/contact-us) They will be able to check into the problem in-depth together with you and see what is going on.
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  • Been trying to ignore the problem, but i just haven't been playing and I want to be able to. I have sent a report and the dxdiag you guys asked for.
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