The knight, and the Kobald king?

So when I was looking up an image for this game, I found this old promo shot of the gang at the time. Most of the characters in it are added or were part of the original lineup, but two are kind of missing in action.
(sorry for linking if it's against the rules)In this shot you can see the old knight (above smolder) and a kobald character(by bloodspike's feet). I remember the knight back in the early days of siege mode, and his removal due to being extremely overpowered(AoE silence or something). 

Considering Temper and deadeye are out, and with the new girl on the way, it seems like the devs are doing a good job bringing out characters at a pretty steady rate. Will we ever see these old guys ever come back? They look kind of neat, but I can only imagine the Kobald king ever being useful on offence for the old siege mode. I don't know if they'd do well with the new design of the game.

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    Yeah, that second link was actually a large eye opener. Clearly the top left one is possibly the original design of the new girl, and the second on the bottom row is definitely deadeye. So we have at least 6 new guys coming down the pipe... looks like fun times ahead. I really need to catch those after dark things...


  • Sir Winston and Kobold King wont return within the next Months.
    and i think that Kobold King will never return because they are not interested in reworking him.

    I would love to have them back, they were really fun to play but they need to change the core gameplay like Temper and Tundra before they release them again.
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