How about some new traps?

So, me and my fellow orcs slaying wingman were talking about this a few times, now we're courious about the possibility that robot may add additional trap's later, how possible may that be?

reason for our thought was we were asking ourselfes why there are certain types of traps missing, like electricity floortraps, arcane walltraps and such, while some damage types have plenty of these, I'll try to explain this on the example of floor traps:

fire has: floor scorcher, brimstone and firecracker

arcane has: cursed ground, summoner trap (it does deal damage and can be placed on the floor, I count that in) and arcane phaser

ice : saw of arctos, Ice shard and ice vent

physical damage: floor spikes (I may count boom barrel in but, it's kinda more of a placeable "gimmick" than a real floor trap)

electricity: none

I hope this clarify's where I was going with my post, theres a slight "imbalance" regarding damage types and placing of these and I'd like to know if robot is thinking about something like adding new traps in the future


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    New traps are definitely a possibility.
    German Community Manager
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