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Hi, I love you’re game but the most recent patch has altered 'Save Deck Changes' and it’s really grinding on me. :s


Before I’d tick ‘Save Deck Changes’ on the loadout screen do my little changes to my deck and play.  Then I’d play another level change my deck, maybe afterwards replay the level with a different character knowing that my deck changes are automatically saved.


Now I have to tick on every match to save my changes, which more often than not, I forget to do, only to have to quit because the deck isn’t my most recent deck.


More annoying are the times near the new daily login quests, where it’s a 50:50 guess if the game starts or simply hangs (I'm in the UK) only to tell me do I want to rejoin the game in progress, whereby I click yes and the game ignores me and quits the game or I click no and the game quits.


I then restart the game, it works (yay!  =) ) and then almost instantly I grind my teeth as my loadout is wrong, so I have to quit yet again :s .  Please, please, please, if I tick ‘Save Deck Changes’ leave it ticked so I can forget about it and know that my loadout only changes when I change it.


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there and thank you for taking the time to report this. I have passed it on.
    German Community Manager
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