Two Brimstones from two different players applies two dots.

Two brimstones/cracker in a row from the same player doesn't stack fire dots. Since the days of siege mode, 2 brimstones from two different players in a row applies 2 fire dots. Is this intended? The widespread mantra and belief is that two brimstones do not stack.


  • Yep it is intentional. At least from here:

    General Gameplay Changes

    • Fire DoTs now stack, UNLESS they are from the same source. So two brimstone traps will not stack, but a Brimstone trap DoT and a Fire Arrow Wall trap DoT will.
    But then this is patch notes from June 2015.
  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    Two Brimstone's do not stack, regardless of owner.

    A brimstone and a fire cracker will stack.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • "Fire damage over time from the same player or trap does not stack" - Ingame tooltip

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