Endless Banquet Hall Crashing

Hey guys, my brother and I have been trying to play the endless banquet hall mission for a few days now. Each time we pay we get to round 22 and then the game crashes. Wondering if anybody else is having issues with the level and what might be done to fix it.

We're running Smoulder and Midnight, using primarily flip traps and ballista, each set fire extra damage to burning enemy. Not sure if that's relevant, but thought it might be useful.


  • Thanks, I was guessing it was an issue of too much happening at once
  • Still not fixed after 1.06 update?? This is the 3rd week ... Ô.Ôooh

  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    We understand how frustrating it is to experience this type of crash and we're working hard to determine what's causing the problem. This is a complicated technical issue that isn't quick to solve but it's a top priority. The team has already made a lot of progress on their investigation but with these types of technical issues it's often one step forward and two steps back. We've gone through several internal updates over the last few weeks to address individual components that we believe are contributing the crash. This is good progress, but the end result hasn't been a resolution to the crash itself yet.
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  • wow.... just came across this thread (thought i'd see if the problem was fixed yet (don't know who else saw my rant thread). but wow, this thread was made back in September....just sad, wow. "This is a complicated technical issue that isn't quick to solve but it's a top priority"....... "Top priority".... love how they LIE right to our face. They can't come out with several patches, new heroes, events, etc etc etc...... but yet fixing this glitch is a "top priority" LMAO.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Different members of the team work on different aspects of the game. That is why there are updates with new content and heroes for players to enjoy while other parts of the team work on fixing bugs. Now, regarding this issue, they have been and continue to work hard to fix it. However, it isn't your run of the mill bug that can be fixed by doing one thing. Rather, the team has been tweaking numerous different small things here and there to improve the situation step by step. Imagine a car workshop had two customers. One complains that his rearview mirror is broken (regular bug, fixed easily by changing one part), the other wants his car to run twice as long on the same amount of fuel and be more silent at the same time (requires a lot more work and different changes). It might seem like we're twiddling our thumbs about this issue, but we aren't.
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  • Also worth noting is that in general Robot is an unreleased patch in front of us. This means if you discover a bug now, it won't be fixed in the very next patch, but likely to be in the one following that. 
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