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Hello.. Stubbornmuttz

I just recently updated OMDU ... Now it won't let me connect .. Its telling me I cannot connect to server try another account.. But I just played it around twelve am with my husband just before we went to sleep.. Wassup with that? 


  • are you playing on PC or PS4 ?

    if on PC are you using the steam client or the stand alone client ?

    did you tried resetarting the computer and steam, if that`s the case ?
  • No ps4 not computer
  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello StubbornMuttz,

    We apologize you have been unable to sign in to the game. The PlayStation 4 edition of Orcs must Die! Unchained was under routine maintenance this morning, and was unavailable to the public during this time. As the maintenance has just recently been completed, you would have been unable to successfully sign in during the maintenance process. The servers are back up, and updates will now be available to install on your PS4 if they have not automatically begun downloading.

    To update to the newest version, press the options button on the Orcs must Die! Unchained application on the PS4 Home screen, and select 'Check for Updates.'  This will prompt the system to update to it's newest version, and you should be able to play!
  • It works yay! Lol not stuck playing GTA. Thank you 
    *vanishes in a puff of smoke* 

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